When are the next Steam sales? Dates of all your events and offers in 2023

Those of us who have been fishbowls for years always mark several dates on our calendar with a common denominator: Steam offers. These are a rare opportunity to save money, and know when they happen it’s crucial for every PC gamer. In Esports Extras PC we do not want you to miss any, and here you can check the date all sales from the Valve store that will take place throughout 2023, in addition to their themes.

Steam Major Sales in 2023

Within steam deals, There are many types. The main ones are what we call seasonal: big events that are repeated every year and include the largest number of games and discounts on the entire platform. The two biggest sales of the entire year are summer and winter, but autumn and spring are also powerful. In general, if you have a lot of games on your wish list, these will be the events that interest you the most.

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Steam Summer Sale
Steam Autumn Sale
Steam Winter Sale

spring sales

Summer sales

autumn sales

winter sales

From March 16 to 23

June 29 to July 13

November 21-28

December 21 to January 4

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Steam Events in 2023

Of course, not only does Steam live on seasonal sales. The Valve Store also has other smaller events focused on specific areas. From festivals with demos and exclusive discounts to themed sales for specific genres, there are offers to suit all tastes.

Events that have already happened

  • Lunar New Year Sale (January 18-17)
  • Base Building Festival (January 23-30)
  • Steam Next Fest (February 6-13)
  • Mystery Festival (February 20-27)

future events

Steam Puzzle Fest
Steam Sports Festival
Steam Next Fest
Steam Stealth
Steam Vn

Puzzle Festival

Sports Festival

Steam Next Fest

Festival of Stealth

Visual Novel Festival

April 24 – May 1

May 15-22

June 19 – 26

July 24-31

August 7-14

Strategy Fest Steam
Shmup Fest Steam
Next Fest
Halloween Offers

Strategy Festival

Festival of the Matamarcianos

Steam Next Fest

Halloween sales

August 28 – September 4

September 25 – October 2

October 8-16

October 26 – November 2

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Of course, Steam always has an ace up its sleeve, and its multiple events and sales give us the perfect excuse to fill our library. Both the biggest names and indie video games have their place throughout the year. This 2023, the store has been going strong with many sales and festivals for all tastes.

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