When does the new Dragon Ball anime take place in the timeline? The trailer for Daima tells us!

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when does the new dragon ball anime take place in

Where does Dragon Ball Daima fit into the timeline?

For the 40th anniversary of the Dragon Ball franchise, Akira Toriyama is offering a new story about Son Goku and his troops. In the first trailer it was shown that the DB characters probably become children again due to a wish from Shenlong.

But so far it has not been revealed whether the anime is officially part of the story and how it should be classified in time. GamePro will tell you whether and how Dragon Ball Daima fits into the timeline.

Dragon Ball Daima takes place between two other anime series

What clues are there? A new, mysterious villain is introduced in the trailer. He looks at various fights that took place during the Dragon Ball Z anime. The final battle of the anime to be seen on the virtual screens is the battle between Son Goku and Majin Buu.

There are also some clues regarding Dragon Ball Super, which takes place after Dragon Ball Z. The trailer does not show any of the characters that appear in the Super series. Although we see some iconic characters like Master Quince, we don’t see anyone from Dragon Ball Super.

We can guess that Dragon Ball Daima takes place before the events with Whis, because neither Goku nor Vegeta have their new teacher’s symbol on their battlesuit.

In addition, the Kaioshin and Kibito are again two individual individuals. During the Buu Saga, they used the Potara Earrings to fuse. It wasn’t until Dragon Ball Super that they were separated again.

You can check out the clues in the following Dragon Ball Daima trailer:

Dragon Ball Daima: First trailer for the new anime by Akira Toriyama

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Dragon Ball Daima: First trailer for the new anime by Akira Toriyama

When does Dragon Ball Daima play? If all the clues are put together, it is extremely likely that the new anime series before Dragon Ball Super and after Dragon Ball Z takes place.

So far, Akira Toriyama has not officially confirmed that the anime belongs to the official timeline. But the fact that he is responsible for the story, setting and character desEsports Extrasmay indicate a canon series.

In addition, Toriyama said that Dragon Ball Daima would “get to the bottom of the secrets of the Dragon Ball world” (via screenrant.com).

Dragon Ball Daima will probably not have any references to Dragon Ball Super, as there are no references to the subsequent anime in the trailer. The advantage of this is that Dragon Ball Daima doesn’t further confuse the already complex timeline, which you have to delve deeper into to understand.

Even with Dragon Ball GT, there was an endless debate as to whether the anime series was canon. The series has some parallels to Dragon Ball Daima, because here too Son Goku suddenly has to defeat nasty opponents as a child again.

How would you categorize Dragon Ball Daima? Would you like to have had references to Dragon Ball Super?

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