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When is our Starfield test coming out? This is the review embargo for the Xbox Exclusive

when is our starfield test coming out? this is the

Here you can find out when our test for Starfield will be published.

In the past few days, the GamePro community has been asking whether we can write a test for Starfield for you before the start of Early Access on September 1st. Since yesterday I can answer your question: It is planned that my final test of the Xbox Series versions will appear in August.

When does the Starfield review embargo fall?

  • Date: August 31, at 6 p.m. German time

If everything goes as planned during the test phase, you will find a test and rating on GamePro at this point.

Since when are you allowed to test Starfield? The test sample for the Xbox Series X/S version arrived yesterday Thursday.


Can you reveal something? Unfortunately no, until August 31st we can only tell you when the test embargo will fall and who is testing.

The Starfield test is just the beginning

GamePro will fully accompany Starfield for you. Of course, this also means that the written test is far from over. It is planned that we will offer you a detailed technical assessment of the console version in a timely manner when the embargo falls.

You can find out how the hardware experts from GameStar Talk rate Starfield’s technology in the really very interesting tech podcast:


Can Starfield keep its technology promises at all?

start video


Can Starfield keep its technology promises at all?


Furthermore, we will of course offer you tips and tricks in guides close to the release, which have made playing easier for us and also put out our feelers for interesting stories about the Bethesda RPG.

When will you start with Starfield

If you want to start in Early Access, you can from the 01 September at 2:00 p.m get started at night. The normal release of the Standard Edition will then take place five days later on September 6th, also at 2:00 am.

Of course, Starfield also appears as an Xbox exclusive Day One in Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox Series. With an upgrade, you can also get started here at the start of Early Access.


If you have any questions about the test, feel free to ask them in the comments and I’ll see which ones I can already answer.

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