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When is Skinamarink coming to Netflix, HBO Max or Prime Video? This is the new Paranormal Activity that is sweeping | we are xbox

skinamarink It has become the new viral horror movie phenomenon; one of the few genres that is holding its own at the box office. 2022 closed with impressive figures in the genre, especially in the last quarter. Thus, Terrifier 2, which already has a release date in some international theaters, managed to multiply its budget at the box office by forty. Although the glory was taken by Smile, managing to raise more than 200 million dollars worldwide, with a budget of only 17. And this 2023 promises to continue stomping, with figures like those that M3GAN has achieved with more than 130 million raised Currently, with a budget of 12 million.

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However, as already happened with The Blair Witch Project (1999) or Paranormal Activity (2007)the great success of this moment aims to be a new film of the found footage. Is about skinamarink, directed by Kyle Edward Ball, and tells the story of two children who, one night, discover that the things in their house are disappearing and that they cannot find their father at home. With just a $15,000 budget, the film managed to go viral especially through TikTok, screening at various festivals. To this day, Skinamarink has become a phenomenon and has already surpassed a million dollars at the box office; exceeding more than 60% of its initial budget.

When is Skinamarink coming to Netflix, HBO Max or Prime Video?  This is the new Paranormal Activity that is sweeping 46

Skinamarink promises to be the new found footage phenomenon, after Paranormal Activity.


When is Skinamarink coming to Netflix or HBO Max? This is the new Paranormal Activity that sweeps the box office

As often happens in these cases, the question arises as to when it will arrive. Skinamarink to Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video or similar streaming platforms. At the moment, there is no scheduled release date, but it has been confirmed that Skinamarink will be released on the North American platform. Shudder; streaming service specialized in horror movies. This on-demand service has already confirmed for this year long-awaited films such as The Lair or Nocebo (starring Eva Green, who attended the Sitges Festival last year), adding Skinamarink for February.

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Although at the moment the arrival of Skinamarink to Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, the truth is that Shudder shares certain movies with its sister services. Such is the case of The Innocents, Color out of Space or Train to Busan, which are available on Prime Video. So it is likely that the launch in more Skinamarink services is a matter of time.


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