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When is the next edition of Clash in LoL?

clashthat League of Legends game mode that so many criticisms it has received. And is not for less. In its beginnings it was a dubious project that, every time it was launched knocked down all the servers in the world. Slowly, Riot Games managed to stabilize it, although later came more problems. The format was not really competitive and the prizes they offered made the players did not take it seriously.

For a long time, the developer has been looking for new ideas to apply to Clash and make it finally become that tournament that all players want to see. At the moment everything remains the same, so we will have to continue disputing the same brackets That so far. Without going any further, this weekend the Zaun Cupso you can start signing up for it now.

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All set for the Zaun Cup in the next edition of Clash in LoL

This same Saturday will start day one of the Zaun Cup. All those players who want to participate you can now register and form your own teams. To register you need to have the Verified account and own a basic ticket or a premium ticket. If this is the case, we will simply have to access the Clash tab at the top of our LoL client.

Now we will have two options. The first is form our own team with colleagues we already know and with whom we can play as a team. The second is search for a team as a free agentthus trying to get you to “sign” a team that is missing a player.

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In case you can’t participate on Saturday, don’t worry. On Sunday you will have a second chance to register and be able to participate in this LoL Clash. On the other hand, days 3 and 4 of this Zaun Cup will be played on August 20 and 21so there are still a few weeks to close this tournament.

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