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When to buy a Nintendo Switch: is it worth it?

When to buy a Nintendo Switch: is it worth it?

The Nintendo Switch catalog is full of must-have titles. The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Super Mario or Splatoon are some of the highlights of the hybrid console. But the next releases are more uncertain, so many users are wondering when is the best time to buy a Nintendo Switch. There has been a lot of rumors about the existence of a Nintendo Switch Pro, since the standard console is almost 6 years old, which allows talking about all the possible scenarios in the immediate future.

The launch of the OLED version has dispelled some speculation. In addition, the Big N has recently introduced new custom Splatoon 3 and Pokemon Scarlet/Purple consoles. This makes us think that the sequel to Breath of the Wild will have its own version of Nintendo Switch in 2023, even an improved version on the occasion of its launch. This already happened with Breath of the Wild and could be repeated with Tears of the Kingdom.


Far from speculation, the truth is that there are currently 3 Nintendo Switch models for sale: the standard console, the portable one known as Lite and the OLED version. The latter improves the screen considerably and the Dock has a more elegant design. It also doubles the internal memory of the console with 64 GB, but there are no more notable novelties in its operation. So is it worth buying a Nintendo Switch this year?

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When to buy a Nintendo Switch

It should be remembered that Breath of the Wild was an intergenerational premiere that accompanied the launch of Nintendo Switch. That may be indicative of what they can do in 2023, where The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom already has an official date in May 2023. The initial doubts flew over the console catalog and a few years had to pass (and 4 Pokemon games) in order to justify the purchase of the console only with Nintendo exclusives, some on the best-seller lists.


In the top positions, games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or the aforementioned Breath of the Wild stand out. And it has meant the return of sagas like Bayonetta, Kirby or Metroid that got all the praise. Also don’t forget that a huge library of retro NES, Super NES and Nintendo 64 games has been included that adds games sporadically. Nintendo Switch Online has many advantages beyond the multiplayer that is necessary for games like Splatoon 3 or Mario Kart 8.

We have already seen that the Switch catalog is very worthwhile. In terms of price, you can find the standard console from 290 to 300 euros, as you can see below. On the other hand, the OLED model does not drop below 349.90 euros and Lite is the cheapest console that costs around 215-220 euros. The limited editions of the OLED console cost a little more (360 euros), personalized with a Splatoon desEsports Extrasand Pokemon Scarlet / Purple that will delight fans.

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Taking all this into account, many users who bought

Buy Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch OLED?

In the absence of a Nintendo Switch Pro, the upgraded version of the console is the OLED model. We have already explained in greater depth the differences between the OLED and the original Switch, but mainly it is about its screen. It is true that it has a more current processor and more storage memory, it is even a little heavier. That’s because it’s slightly larger because of the OLED screen it includes, offering more intense colors, purer blacks, and high contrast.


It has no other noteworthy news, so it is a console with improvements in portable mode. By this we mean that you have optimized the visuals only in the handheld game and there is no change when docked to the Dock. Therefore, it makes sense to buy an OLED for gamers who enjoy this mode with any game. Similarly, Lite becomes the little sister of these two consoles and the cheapest option of the three. However, it can only be played on a laptop because the Joy-Con controllers cannot be removed.

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Nintendo Switch OLEDNintendo Switch OLEDNintendo Switch OLED


OLED may be out of stock at many specialty retailers. In that case you will find higher prices from third parties, but its retail price is 349.90 euros. Other alternatives are the Splatoon 3 Limited Edition OLED Nintendo Switch or Pokemon Scarlet/Purple due out in December.

Is it worth buying a Nintendo Switch?

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