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When will Dark Souls 3 online mode return? New signs on Steam point to an upcoming return

Through SteamDB, users have found a recent update that could lead to internal testing.

Although Elden Ring has attracted the gaze of every fan of the Soulsborne, users have not forgotten a big problem in the Dark Souls saga: a vulnerability in the servers that, after publicly pointing out, has forced From Software to disable the online mode until further notice. This problem was reported to end of Januaryand the developer has not yet given any news about the return of multiplayer.

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SteamDB has registered a new update in the base game of Dark Souls 3However, the community has renewed its hopes for a discovery that, as shared by the modder lance mcdonald on Twitter, it can be seen as a new step by From Software in its search for the solution. From what we read in the post, it appears that Bandai Namco has pushed out a new update for Dark Souls 3 to various users who have access to some of the title’s debug branches on Steam.

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This is supplemented by data from SteamDB, which shows a recent update in the Dark Souls 3 base game. We can’t confirm that this move has anything to do with the return of online mode, but considering this is the first patch to hit the game in several years, the community has been quick to point out this action and theorize about some internal tests related to multiplayer.

At the moment, we can only keep an eye on From Software’s social networks and hope that share more information about the topic. After all, the study was prioritizing the development of Elden Ring above all else, but it is very likely that now it has put the batteries to find a solution to this problem.

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