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When will the Night Market return to VALORANT?

We are already in the final stages of the year. And as, it is time to give a small gift and encourage the players. From Riot Games they know that taking care of the playerbase of its various titles. VALORANT is one of them and for this reason the developer implemented a function much loved by all: the night market. It is one of the best times of the year to get skins much cheaper.


While Riot Games’ first attempts didn’t turn out too well, Right now we are facing an initiative that is highly anticipated by all VALORANT players.. With this Night Market, the shooter It offers us a series of random aspects for our weapons. Some are of higher value and others are less expensive, but the beauty of this initiative is that all skins they will be discounted.

The VALORANT Night Market is back for Christmas!

As confirmed by Riot Games, the new Night Market will start next December 8 and it will lengthen until January 5, 2023. Yes, a few weeks to take advantage of Christmas and, why not, treat ourselves in the VALORANT store. With the Night Market, Riot Games will offer us 6 completely random cosmetics which, likewise, will meet a series of requirements.

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The most important thing is that we will meet, at least, with two skins of 1,775 PVsome of the most important in the game. No weapon will be repeated either to appear in this special store and all of them will belong to the penultimate actso we will have to go to the Episode 5: Act II to be able to see what aspects can touch us.

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Of course, we cannot decide what skins we want them to appear. By the time it gets going, the die will be cast. We will not be able to update the list at any timeso we will have to wait for luck and pray that good cosmetics come out.

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In case of wanting to access, we will simply have to wait for it to appear a kind of letter in the upper right area of ​​the VALORANT client. Press and there we will unlock the skins.

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