Where are the 50 biggest MMORPGs currently? The Animal List 2022

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Anyone looking for a new . in 2022 currently has dozens of games to choose from. But which ones are really worth it and which ones should you ignore? MeinMMO editor Alexander Leitsch introduces you to his personal tier list.

What is this list? This list aims to offer you a ranking of the biggest .s at a glance. Below you will also find some explanations and justifications for the list.

The idea came from a video by TheLazyPeon, but the list is based on my own opinion and experience over the past few years.

Who is speaking anyway? I’m Alex and the . expert here on MeinMMO. My MMO career started with the games Guild Wars 1, Aion and RIFT. Lately I’ve mainly been on Guild Wars 2, New World, ESO and FFXIV.

From this list, I’ve played every . for at least 5 hours, most 10+ hours, and some 1,000+ hours. The list was originally created in late 2021 and was last updated on March 5, 2022.

Tier list of .s

Explanations and examples of the different tiers

I would generally recommend games from the S-Tier to all of my friends:

  • Guild Wars 2 is at the top for me because it has the best combat system, the best mounts, and one of the fairest gear systems out there.
  • WoW and FFXIV are the strongest tab-targeted .s and have the best dungeons and raids. If you prefer a Japanese setting, you should go for Final Fantasy, if you like the comic look, you should go for WoW.
  • For me, ESO has the best soundtrack, excellent stories and is well suited for beginners. The action-combat system is fun, but it also has some gaps in terms of power.
  • Lost Ark is incredibly hyped at the moment and offers interesting dungeons and raids. In addition, the PvP is very fair and places value on skill. Currently the best action . and the best iso perspective ..

I would recommend Tier A games to people who have a certain type of player:

  • For example, Albion Online is one of the best PvP .s out there, but not everyone likes that focus.
  • Black Desert has the most fun combat system ever and interesting economies, but endless grind and luck with equipment.
  • However, the two RuneScape titles play incredibly rewardingly, which almost no other . offers. However, the graphics are getting old.
  • SWTOR has a cool story and is a must for Star Wars fans, but purely on gameplay it feels dated. Unfortunately, the latest expansion was also disappointing. Still, the class stories early in the game are some of the best the genre has to offer.
Where does the term . come from? The history of the genre in 2 minutes

The games in the B tier are basically not bad, but they all have a catch or are too specific in the target group:

  • Blade & Soul is a fun ., but it has a lot of grind and real money helps to shorten it.
  • EVE Online is very specific in terms of gameplay and simply not intended for every type of player.
  • Lord of the Rings Online has a strong IP in the background, but graphically and in terms of gameplay it is very old.
  • Mortal Online 2 is a hardcore, no-holds-barred PvP .. This can be cool, but is uninteresting or frustrating for most.
  • Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is fun in terms of gameplay, but currently offers too little content to get into the A tier.
  • Trove is an . with fun dungeons and building features. It doesn’t have that deep gameplay, but belongs to the more entertaining games.

C-tier games have a bigger catch than B-tier games:

  • ArcheAge is one of the best sandbox .s in terms of gameplay and has the potential for B or even A tier. But it keeps struggling with exploits, Pay2Win, a lot of randomness and balance problems, even under the new publisher Kakao Games.
  • Guild Wars 1 is one of my favorite .s ever, but it just doesn’t get any new content anymore, which is why it misses the leap into the B tier.
  • Shroud of the Avatar already looked old-fashioned at release and has a very weak tutorial.
  • Vindictus has an incredibly fun combat system but is very grindy, unbalanced and has pay2win content.

D-Tier games had some good concepts but are more or less dead:

  • Aura Kingdom 2 has fewer players than the previous title.
  • Crowfall already started with weak numbers, which is difficult for a PvP ..
  • Legends of Aria also has hardly any players left and the successor Aria 2 is already in development.

On the other hand, I actively advise against games in the E-Tier:

  • Fiesta Online is a poorly optimized game that feels like there’s no love at all. Every player should save themselves the download.
  • League of Angels is an autoplay . that basically has no gameplay but offers dozens of ways to spend your money.
  • Revelation Online is a loveless Asian . that also comes with performance issues and Pay2Win.

The most exciting .s in development

Which .s will be added in 2022 and beyond? More .s will be released in the coming months and years, which will surely get their place in the Tier List.

The three most interesting titles are Ashes of Creation, TL by NCSoft, which is scheduled for release in 2022, and the League of Legends .. They all have the potential to be among the best games out there if properly implemented and appropriately supported by the developer and publisher.

There will also be some new indie games including Corepunk, Profane and Fractured. They have potential, but have yet to prove themselves. We will keep the tier list up to date accordingly.

If you are primarily interested in the upcoming . for League of Legends, you will find all the known information here:

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