Where is the Bairn jar, the new Elden Ring NPC: how to complete his quest and what reward he offers you

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That FromSoftware plans to make the most of Elden Ring is not surprising given its overwhelming success, with 12 million sales in less than a month. But we did not expect that with its last patch, 1.03, a new NPC would come as a gift.

Is named Jar Bairn and as you can see in the screenshot at the top of this guide, it is a talking jar that will ask you if you want to be its lieutenant. And if you want to know where he is and what kind of missions he will give you, read on…

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Location of Tarroburgo, home of this NPC

Elden Ring

Being a talking jar (not the only one in the game, for the record), you will have deduced that it is hidden in Tarroburg, that hidden town just below the Cariano Lyceum, at the eastern end of the Liurnia region. You get there as you exit Stormshroud Castle heading north. It’s almost halfway there.

Near the Cariano Lyceum you must be careful, since in the small swamp in that area you will run into a boss on a boat that will not stop summoning skeletons… So first activate the Grace of the artist’s hut, a little further to the North. Then go back to where the boss is and jump down one of the sides watching the platforms to cushion the.Elden Ring

Before patch 1.03 in this small town you could kill the rest of the jars, but now they won’t be hostile. And the real novelty is that NPC located in the area to the left, as you rest in Gracia’s place in the image.

The first time you talk to him, after accepting his wish to be Tarroteniente, he will ask for your hand and realize that you do not have “slippery hands”. Rest again in Grace so that I can change the subject and talk about your cousin Alexander, the jar warrior. Yes, with which you will have come across with total certainty on the way to the bridge of the Saints, to the east of Necrolimbo, after giving him a few good blows on his butt to unblock it. It’s funny, because the bairn jar quest connect so much with Alexander as with the knight dialsfrom Hoslow.

The secret is to advance in the plots of these characters to progress in turn with Bairn, who will tell you more things as a series of events unfold. If you don’t know where each character is at all times it can be quite a hassle (unless you resort to a guide, of course), even though patch 1.03 now tells you where each NPC is… as long as you’ve seen it in its new location, yes. Less gives a stone, of course.

Tracking NPC Alexander, the Jar Warrior

Elden Ring

The first time you see Alexander is before crossing the bridge of the Saints, east of Necrolimbo. You will hear his voice asking for help and after hitting him a few times you will be able to unblock him from the ground, thanking you. After this, he will go to Gael’s gallery, further east on the map, already in Caelid’s land. Its objective? Go to Red Mane’s castle to take part in the festival against Radahn. And it can be summoned.

After that spectacular fight and then seeing him in Gracia’s place, it’s easy to lose track of him next…unless you happen to return to Tarroburg. Because it will be right at the top, before going down to town. And yes, he will be stuck again (see the screenshot above), this time asking you for help in another way: you will need to soak it in oil so it can slide. So your mission will be to find a bottle of oil. Or the option of being able to manufacture it, better.

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For this you will need the nomad warrior manual (17) sold to you by the abandoned merchant located on the Siofra River, very close to the Grace of the Forest of the Devotees. You will have to climb the wooden planks until you sneak through the central wall. After this, make a flask of oil with molten mushroom (it abounds in said Eternal City), throw it at Alexander and hit him.

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Then it will travel to another area, which in this case is more difficult for you to deduce right away. More than anything because it will be to the west of the Volcano mansion, just behind the magma dragon boss. You’ll be in zen mode, taking a lava “bath.” The good thing is that he will give you a helmet-jar.

SPOILERS – Do not continue reading if you are not near the end of the game.

Finally, you will see Alexander in the most advanced areas of the game. You can summon him to the fire giant in the region of the Picos de los Esports Extrasntes, east of the Altus plateau. And finally you will run into him in Farum Azula, the city in ruins. Here you should know that he will challenge you to a duel to the death and it will be necessary for you to kill him to fulfill his mission, since Bairn will ask you for one of his objects…

Tracking NPC Diallos, of House Hoslow

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As for Knight Diallos, you will first see him at the Table of Lost Grace. Then he will go away and you will see him shortly after entering the great lake of Liurnia. Specifically, near the settlement in front of the Academy, as you can see in the image above. There he will mourn the death of a loved one and will tell you about his thirst for revenge, for which he will begin the search for the person responsible for him…

Before, you will return to the Table of Lost Grace. So she talks to him again.

Then, head to the Volcano mansion, where he will keep the recusant Berhnahl company. You will see that his attitude has completely changed. She exhausts all dialogue with him and rests. Take the opportunity to complete your main tasks in said mansion. After a while you will see how Diallos will vanish from there.

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Already in Tarroburgo, Bairn will tell you about a new tarroteniente who will coincidentally be Diallos. He will be near the end of the town, at the foot of a small jar. You will have to let the time go by a lot, so you can take care of other tasks in the meantime. Visit the town until you find it more trashed than normal and with a handful of murdered jars. Diallos, to top it off, will be seriously injured.

Rest and you will see Bairn in front of the lifeless body of Diallos. Some time later, after resting again, you can take Diallos’s helmet and whip where his body lay, while with the Bairn jar you must give him the object he asks for from Alexander’s mission to fully complete his mission. And what will you get as a reward? A companion jar that will boost the power of the jars you throw.

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