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Who doesn’t like cute games? An artistic style like this knows how to touch your heart – 3DGames

It has a really nice graphic style, which makes you want to delve deeper into its story and action. We are talking about I Was a Teenage Exoconolist, a curious video game in which we have to make decisions, explore, talk and live learning to manage our emotions and those of our friends. His art is his most attractive point and the one that directs the whole experience.

The art style of a video game defines the first sensation we have of it, but also our emotions throughout the game. It’s not a question of graphics, but of deciding whether to use a realistic representation, manga or even create something unique, why and for what. Hollow Knight wouldn’t be the same if he didn’t have that contrast between cute monsters and darkness, and the same goes for Journey, Transistor, RiME and so many others. Last month I played Gris for the first time. The Barcelona studio bet heavily on its own style, dreamlike, colorful but at the same time dark, and it is thanks to his art that his video game manages to be so unique. Because opting for some watercolors or others, or choosing some brushes and discarding others, totally changes the gaming experience. On August 25 of this year I Was a Teenage Exocolonist will be published. This title, developed by Northway Games and edited by Finji, has featured Meilee Chao. The game’s character artist has chosen your own way to shape the title, one that combines manga, watercolors and European comics. The result is sweet and melancholy. And it is that the objective of art in a video game is that we feel.

I don’t know about you but the following happens to me. Sometimes my mind goes blank and the image of a video game crosses my mind. The first thing that pops into my brain is a snapshot of him, of his art, and that evokes emotions. I think of the yellows in Journey and they make me feel warm, in the watercolors of Child of Light and sadness invades me, or in the 50s drawings of Cuphead and I laugh. A very interesting way to enhance the sensations generated by these artistic styles is to combine them with the change of the seasons and nature. Don’t you think that the arrival of Winter in The Last of Us is very powerful? The way everything is covered in that terrifying yet cozy white chills our souls. I Was a Teenage Exocolonist talks about life, how we grow up on an inhospitable planet, how we mature and how we develop our relationships with others. Growing up in an invented worldart and the seasons can come together to generate unexpected colors and emotions.

There is a season in the game, my favorite, called “Pollen”, where everything is covered in pink. “It’s also my favorite,” Meilee Chao tells me. “The colorful seasons and rich biomes came about during the concept art phase and are the work of Sarah Webb. We stayed true to her ideas when creating the environments. We brought her watercolor work directly into the game. In doing so, we wanted to create environments that offered very different vibrations with respect to each other“. I think when you look at the art of a game, you don’t just have to look at the art itself, but also at the contrast it’s capable of creating during the experience. If we think about Journey, the game works so well emotionally because from its powerful yellows it is able to take you to the coldest greens, and back to warm reds and then terrify you with the darkest black. Because if the artistic style is going to move usit is in the passage from joy to sadness when these emotions are most on the surface.

Creating art between manga and European comics

I Was A Teenage Exocolonist: Who doesn't like cute games?  An artistic style like this knows how to touch your heart

I Was a Teenage Exocolonist talks about life, how we grow up on an inhospitable planet and how we develop our relationshipsThis change of seasons, which takes us from one sensation to another with its watercolor colors and tones, are combined with the art of its characters. I Was a Teenage Exocolonlist plays with a style somewhere between manga and western comics. “To create so many elements, and to have consistency between them, I had to feel comfortable with the chosen style (…). To make characters more unique, both the color and the painting process were developed to fit the aesthetics of the game , so textures and watercolors. Also, I think the manga style helps establish a connection with fans of visual novels“. Northway Studios is a Canadian development team, but their art is very manga. There is even a character that seems to come out of Naruto. In addition to because this choice serves to connect with fans of visual novels, a typically Japanese genre, manga it helps to print a patina of unreality to the story, of fantasy, that anything can happen.

I Was A Teenage Exocolonist Nintendo Switch

If we realize, we are used to that when resorting to shonen or shojo manga designs we can expect anything. However, when a more American or European style is used, the theme is usually focused on terror, political criticism or touch more serious topicsIs this just my impression? Looking for that contrast, which we also find in the change between seasons, these very manga and sweet designs collide with the harsh consequences of some of our decisions. Although Meilee Chao indicates that the game is a visual novel, the truth is that her decision system is more reminiscent of a mono Elysium Disc. We have to be continually choosing what we decide, and we can end up suffering from disabling anxiety or stress, becoming idiots or distrustful. That hard point collides with the kindness of his art, it is as if he wanted let’s relax and then punish ourselves hard.

Many artists are seeing in the video game an open door to make their creations something interactiveMeilee ChaoThis is how Meilee Chao explains it to me: “I have always been a fan of visual novels, especially those in which your decisions create big changes in the story (…). I am impressed by the great weight that the player has over the construction of the plot of this game, and there’s still so much I haven’t even gotten to see. And art also helps a lot in that, in making us feel something concrete based on the contrast of colors, in taking us to a certain emotional state and then making us decide immersed in it. That, which is so video game, is attracting many artists to the medium to write and create. “I think that many artists are seeing in the video game an open door to make their creations something interactive, so the number of narrative games is growing (…). There are many stories to tell, and if video games help to enhance them , then the industry can only grow in a more inclusive, diverse and colorful way.”

I Was a Teenage Exocolonist is color and inclusion

I Was A Teenage Exocolonist

Every decision you make transforms you, makes you more idealistic, more aggressive and modifies future reactionsArt in a video game also helps to talk about integration and diversity. This title has interesting ideas in gender representation, but Chao herself admits that making it was quite a challenge. “The game offers incredible customization when it comes to gameplay. gender within the story itself. However, with the limited resources we have, being able to customize the appearance of your character has not been possible (…). Still, this has been interesting in terms of understanding diversity, as it challenges players to empathize with someone who isn’t like them, or question preconceived ideas about masculinity or femininity that an avatar is supposed to have.” what Chao is referring to is that each decision you make transforms you, makes you more idealistic, more aggressive and modifies the future reactions you may have, because this game is about management, but not about a farm, but about your own personal growth .

With all this, I Was a Teenage Exocolonist is a beautiful video game that mixes conversations, decisions, exploration and management. You will grow up in a changing and vibrant world while you find yourself. I want to play the full title to see the story end, to discover how far his artistic decisions take us and what are the final consequences of that story in which, it seems, we will have so much weight. We will see all this next August 25. For now, the feelings are positive.


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