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Who is Bertiux? The story of the VALORANT Brand Manager


VALORANT, that game you have a little over two years behind him but that is already unique in our world. Within the Riot Games team we meet many people who have contributed their bit to the game. And one of the most important in Riot Games Iberia is Alberto Delgado «Bertiux«, Brand Manager by VALORANT.

Bertiux is one of the rioters most important in USAespecially in what shooter regards. Weeks ago we had the opportunity to speak with the Brand Manager by VALORANT. For an hour, Bertiux told us some of the most important ins and outs of the video game. However, before we start with that we must ask ourselves a question: Who is Bertiux?


Bertux, the Brand Manager of VALORANT and its beginnings in Riot Games

Alberto started working at Riot Games when development began on what was then known as ‘Project A‘. The most interesting thing is that he applied to join the developer but he had no idea what the company’s new title was going to be about. «I had no idea what game I was going to work on, everything was secret. Of course, sometimes he sensed something from the conversations, since every time he talked about a shooter their faces lit up«, Bertiux affirmed during the talk.

A short time later, it was Edgar Medina «meroid» who took him to a room and told him about the project they had in hand. «He told me it was going to be a tactical shooter with characters. I started to explore and every time I freaked out more«, he highlighted. Of course, she did not try it from the beginning, but it took longer than he would have liked. «since i walked in it took about 15 days, I was climbing the walls. Once I saw the plans that there were and knowing how they work from Riot Games, especially having the example of LoL, I already knew that it was going to be something big«, he finished.

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