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Why didn’t NVIDIA release an RTX 4090 Blower? because it would be hell


Why didn’t NVIDIA release an RTX 4090 Blower? because it would be hell

With each new generation of graphics cards, we see how consumption increases and with it, the size of the GPUs. We have gone from the standard of occupying 2 slots to directly 3 with almost all RTX 4080 models. With the RTX 4090 we see the same and even worse, with many variants that exceed 3 slots and can be considered more quad slot. But for all those who want to go back to the old days, to the 2 thick slots and the time of the dissipators blower style“, already exist RTX 4090 that have this designalthough prepare your helmets, because the noise they make is very annoying.

Blower type heatsinks began to be known and hated by many at the time of the AMD R9 200 Series. Yes, we are talking about the mythical AMD GPUs as the R9 290codenamed “Hawaii”, thus demonstrating that they could be extremely hot working. And so it was, we had a cooling system with a single fan at one end of the graphics, which absorbed air and expelled it through the rear area. This brought an advantage and it is that this air ran through the entire graphic and was thrown out of the PC tower instead of staying inside it. However, to cool the GPU properly and its 275W PTOthe noise generated by the blower type fan it was extremely tall.

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The blower heatsink returns louder than ever with the RTX 4090

If you’ve been in the hardware community for a few years, you’re probably familiar with AMD GPU blower desEsports Extrasmemes. These cards came out with excellent performance, beating higher-end NVIDIA GPUs like the GTX 780. Raw power was their only advantage, though, as the AMD R9’s blower-type heatsink was loud and hot. We don’t know the exact reason, but this heatsink is back and this time to take care of Cool the gaming GPU that consumes the mostthe RTX 4090. Thanks to a post by user BottleneckEvader on Reddit, we have what would be an RTX 4090 with this cooling system.

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has no brand As we can see, it was bought in Japan and cost 352,000 yen, about $2,675. Also, this card arrived in a white box, with no manuals or warranty, along with a 3x 8-pin to 12VHPWR PCIe adapter. Before testing, the user took the opportunity to compare it with his RTX 3090 blower type. As we can see, both GPUs are identical in thickness as they are dual slotalthough the RTX 4090 is slightly longer. Another difference that we see is in the fan, since the one on the RTX 3090 was already very noisy at 100% running at 4,500RPMa figure easily surpassed with the RTX 4090 by reaching 5,200RPM.

If you don’t mind the noise, its performance and temperatures are good

The user who purchased the RTX 4090 type blower confesses that it was due to his PC tower, the Fractal DesEsports ExtrasTorrent Nano, which was not compatible with the other graphics models. Now, he warns of several things, first his consumption is limited to 450W, being impossible to go above 100% in MSI Afterburner. This gives you a base frequency of 2520MHz and has been able to overclock it and get pretty good scores. Of course, before that he warns that it is a very noisy GPU and that with the default fan curve, the RTX 4090 blower reached 78 degrees in its core Y 96 degrees in the memories very quickly.

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Worried about this, he decided to stop the tests and put the fan at 100%managing to reduce the temperature to 67 degrees in the core and 88 degrees in the memories. Now yes, he showed us the results in benchmarks, achieving in Time Spy Extreme 16,492 pointswith a score of 19,605 in graphics. All this with a frequency 2,820 MHz Boostthe fan turning at 5,188 RPM and a maximum consumption of 455W. Finally, it shows us the data in the stress test FurMarkwhere the core temperature rises to 71 degreesthe Boost drops to 2,715 MHz and the consumption rises slightly to 465W.

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