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Why doesn’t the Navy have the conqueror’s haki?

For this logical reason the Navy does not have Haki of the Conqueror.

One Piece: why doesn't the Navy have the conqueror's haki?
This is the reason why the Navy does not have the Haki of the Conqueror.

Throughout the One Piece chronology he has presented different types of skills that have made their characters stand out, many of these techniques are due to the use or power that the *text muted* Fruits grant, since these mysterious objects are known to give their bearer amazing powers.


However, the power granted by the *text muted* Fruits is not the only one that the characters in the series can use, since there is another superhuman force capable of equaling said Akuma no Mi and the name of this power is Haki, which is divided into three types: Observation, Armor and Conquerorthe latter being the rarest of all, since few individuals can make use of it.

It is known that both *text muted* Fruits and some types of Haki can be used by Pirates and Marines. However, during the development of the series it has been seen that the Navy despite having relatively powerful characters cannot use Conqueror’s Haki and this is the reason. Next, we tell you the details.

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For this reason the Navy cannot make use of the Conqueror’s Haki

For this reason, neither Marines nor Admirals have Conqueror's Haki.

For this reason, neither Marines nor Admirals have Conqueror’s Haki.

As we have already mentioned, Haki is a ability comparable to *text muted* Fruits, some types of it can be perfected through rigorous training as some characters in the series have shown. However, unlike other Haki, Conqueror’s Haki cannot be learned, as it is a born quality and only few run with the joy of being born with it.

Some high-ranking members of the Navy have been shown to be extremely powerful and proficient in Haki, ranking on a par with highly renowned pirates. However, as the plot has developed, it has also been seen that neither Sailors nor Admirals can make use of the Conqueror’s Haki, which is very curious due to his level of power; although, apparently, there is a logical explanation for this.

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The reason Marines can’t make use of Conqueror’s Haki could be tied to their twisted sense of justicebecause during the development of the plot it has been seen how this organization has carried out atrocious acts in which even innocent people have been injured and this has been demonstrated during the Buster Call to the town of Oharain which Admirals and Sailors followed orders regardless of the consequences of their actions, just to satisfy their sense of “justice”.

Likewise, Marines and Admirals do not possess Conqueror’s Haki because are under constant command, fulfilling the will of other individuals instead of their own, so they cannot make use of this power. In addition, it should be noted that Haoshoku Haki can only be used by a very limited group of characters, since it few are born with the spirit of a king.

The Navy and its Admirals are under a command line led by the Five Elders, which means that they always have to follow the orders of this group.

The Navy and its Admirals are under a command line led by the Five Elders, which means that they always have to follow the orders of this group.

Being under a line of command, Marines and Admirals always are subject to rules and mandates to follow that prevent them from living freely, without being able to achieve their own desires and wills, living at the mercy of others.

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Since it was explained what the Conqueror’s Haki was, it was made clear that this is the ability to externalize and exercise their own willpower over othersdemonstrating that this ability requires you to own your own actions and not be under the orders or fulfilling the wishes of others.

On the other hand, There has only been a Marine capable of using the Haki of the Conqueror and this is Sengokusince this former Admiral of Fleet and Garp mark a clear difference in personalities and sense of justice from their comrades, since their motto or way of seeing things and exercising their power is totally different from that of Akainu and other Admirals, this being a clear reason why he left office, being against the actions of this group.

Ultimately, Conqueror’s Haki is a trait that can apparently only be experienced by characters with a strong will and high ability to lead.


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