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Why is Lost Ark in fashion? Diablo's Action RPG MMO Comes a Long Way: Meet Smilegate's Success Story

Why is Lost Ark in fashion?  Diablo's Action RPG MMO Comes a Long Way: Meet Smilegate's Success Story

To say that we are in a boom time for the . genre is an understatement. Despite everything, World of Warcraft is still active, Final Fantasy XIV is stronger than ever, Amazon entered the market with New World and we have other bets in the genre waiting to come out. In this time of diversity within these schemes, the Lost Ark proposal has everything to flourish. But what is this game that everyone is talking about these days?


Well you see, Lost Ark is an . that comes from Korea. Announced in 2014, over time it has been gaining traction for two main reasons: its effective mix of genres and its visual style, as exaggerated as it is impressive. But there is much more to talk about with this game.

Who is behind the Lost Ark? Lo first is its developer company, SmileGate. Before this project, they were known to carry the popular CrossFire. Of course, despite having reached the West, it may not ring a bell. Its main scene was the Asian scene, where it became one of the most popular and powerful online video games on the PC market. And when I say powerful, I mean very powerful.


The numbers behind it are more than impressive: it is one of the most played videogames in history, reaching a user base of 1 billion registered players, and having reached up to 6 million people playing at the same time on their servers. With this background behind it, it is understood that the video game has resonated so much, especially in the Asian market.

But it doesn't end there. Many studios have very successful titles and that does not guarantee that other projects will reap the same, especially if they are very different projects . CrossFire (and its sequel, CrossFire X) is a shooter and here we are talking about an .. What is it about this commitment to the online role-playing genre to have created such a knock-on effect?

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The charm of a different . One of the most striking things when talking about this title is how fresh it feels in terms of its approach. For many years, MMOs have sought to do something similar to World of Warcraft, and now we are seeing more and more projects move away from Blizzard's success to seek their own identity. The SmileGate game has that to give and take


Lost Ark mixes the mechanics of massive online RPGs with the gameplay of games like Diablo and Torchlight to produce a different and familiar experience at the same time. In addition, he places a lot of emphasis on his visual style to convey a lot of weight, dynamism and spectacularity to everything that is happening on screen. Basically, the more gross and exaggerated everything is (within logical margins), the better.

What Lost Ark likes is to give variety mixed with shock.


Counting on 15 different classes at this point, playably the title not only offers to be “like Diablo but more online”, but has managed to dazzle players with its style. Huge swords and axes, razor-sharp daggers, guns bigger than the person wielding them, and the chunkiest, most over-the-top gauntlets I've seen in years, Lost Ark likes variety mixed with shock. Each class is also quite customizable, giving you control over your build to adapt it to the way you play.

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That's not all, but when it comes to doing activities, the game seeks to offer an experience focused very much on its history, with cooperative PvE and many missions, both main and secondary. As you would expect from this type of game, there are group raids and optional high difficulty content. Besides that, you can also enjoy competitive PvP. Find a server that fits what you want!

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On the other hand, the customization offered by the title and everything that has nothing to do with combat could not be missing. Here the thing is not only about milk, but you will be able to do activities such as fishing, the house, archaeology, etc., in addition to obtaining highly customizable equipment. As if all this were not enough, you will also be able to have your own fortress, highly modifiable.

The road to the West Since its announcement, the title caught a lot of people's attention, although it came with a very big but: the game, until Amazon decided to bring it to the West, restricted the regions from which could be played. Having releasedin Korea in 2019, and then Japan and Russia during the same year, fans of the genre did not want to wait.


Such was the longing to be able to immerse themselves in the world of Arkesia, that European fans decided to break the rules, arm themselves with a VPN and start playing on Russian servers, even if the conditions were not the best. This, by the way, went against the terms and conditions of the title itself: so much was the desire to play Lost Ark that many people risked losing their progress in order to be able to play one more day.

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The latter gives a bit of perspective when it comes to knowing why the launch in Europe and America is so anticipated: imagine that you are playing your favorite MMO with tons of lag and, overnight, they fix it for you. It is a completely different experience and ideal for those who were already involved in garlic. On the other hand, it was an easy move for Amazon to bring it to our territory. The North American company wants to carve out a niche for itself in the video game market and, after the launch of New World, it makes sense to have taken over a name that is already known and expected to consolidate itself in the sector.

For those who have wanted to hold out until an official launch, this novelty means the end of a wait that may have even started almost 8 years ago. Despite the fact that the title has been active since 2019 in Korea, here in Europe (and also in America) we have had to wait another 3 years to be able to play it legally.


Lost Ark is here and its early release has been a complete success. Now it's time to see how the beginning of its free-to-play phase goes. The MMO market is thirsty for fresh proposals, and the title of SmileGate may become one of the most important releases of 2022.

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