Why Sherlock Holmes 3 is taking so long

With all the success of Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes movies starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law as Holmes and Watson, a third installment should have continued the success story by now, but Sherlock Holmes 3 has been long gone. of ten years When asked about the status of this new sequel in an interview with Collider, Ritchie responded by saying that it is entirely up to Robert Downey Jr whether the movie gets made or not:

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“Well, honestly, I left it up to Robert [Downey Jr.]. So Robert wanted to take care of this. The ball is in his court, so he takes care of the script and everything. I have stayed on the sidelines until the time comes to get involved.”

Also, Ritchie, who is currently working on Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerreatt, will not be directing the third Sherlock adventure. In his place, Dexter Fletcher (Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre) will direct the film, but it remains to be seen if the production will ever come to fruition.

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Do you want to see (someday) Sherlock Holmes 3?

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Why Sherlock Holmes 3 is taking so long