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Why should you start watching One Piece? Here we give you the keys

Anime, or Japanese animation, has always been very popular all over the world. We just have to remember the great success that Dragon Ball was at the time, or we can even get out of the ordinary, and talk about other classic series such as The Knights of the Zodiac, a worldwide success. Even so, we can say that the “boom” of this kind of productions came with the new millennium, and certain series in particular that managed to raise the medium to a new level. Yes, you may have already guessed it, but we are thinking of two specific animes: Naruto, and the one that interests us today, One Piece.

Eichiro Oda’s original work was adapted into anime, premiering its first chapter at the end of 1999Therefore, although it will arrive shortly before, we can count it as a production of the new millennium. The most curious thing is that from the beginning it managed to be a success, being today considered one of the three great animes in history.


Now, many people do not want to catch up with this series, and it is that the great number of chapters combined with the padding that it has (which is not very bulky, but it is quite exasperating), has led many people not to have intentions of consuming this work. Next, we are going to give you several reasons why you should watch One Piecepossibly one of the best anime ever.

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A subject not very explored in Japanese animation


When we talk about anime, there are always certain themes that recur, the culminating being the magical world theme with a semi-medieval setting. This can get tiring, and we fully understand it, but One Piece has quite a unique setting.

Specifically, we are talking about a world that is not very similar to ours, which is led by a pirate, and which also lives tumbling between modernity and what is outdated for our time. You may not have understood much, and to understand it you will have to watch the series, but the reality is that this production offers us a simply unique worldwith a premise that we rarely see in this specific audiovisual medium.

Unique characters, starting with their protagonist

manga cover one piece

If there is something that can be attributed to many series of this style, it is its characters. In One Piece there is a rather blunt problem with this section, and it is that the number of characters is exaggerated, something that is a direct consequence of the number of episodes that the series has. Even so, and even if you are one of those people who is not able to remember names, we can recommend this series thanks to the uniqueness of all these characters.

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Everyone feels unique both in desEsports Extrasand in personality and skills. Yes, it is true that in the fillers there are some generic characters, but we can see a great quality in those that come directly from the source material.

One Piece and its great world construction

One Piece Map

This is probably the most favorable point of the story, and it is that One Piece not only stands out for its duration, but where else we can say that he manages to stand out is in the construction of his world. Eichiro Oda managed to bring us a very fantasy world with his original work, which is far from reality, but which all fans can call home.


The adaptation to series, that is, the anime, he managed to bring this feeling to the small screen in a wonderful waygiving us characters and locations that we can almost say that we have visited, as well as an interconnection of everything that manages to amaze.

A well connected story

one piece uta luffy

If before we have talked about how the construction of your world is very good, and to a large extent this is due to how well connected this world is, now we are going to talk about the story, and that is that We can say that it is its greatest point in favor.

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Specifically, we are referring to the fact that any conversation, or any gesture, may have something to do with the story later on. This manages to point out how well the story is connected, as well as making it clear that Eichiro Oda is a genius in this regard.. Also, this ends up being a headache for the most die-hard fans, because they look for references in any conversation, no matter how simple, and you can already imagine how difficult this is in such a long series.

One Piece: shonen with heart-stopping moments

Roger One Piece

We are going to end by pointing out one of the things that most impressed us when we set out to watch the series. Yeah, One Piece is shonenand one of the most recognized specifically, but this does not mean that there is only non-stop fighting.

This series manages to deal with very controversial topics, with its characteristic touch of humor, but with a seriousness that is not so commonly seen in this kind of anime. This way, we can talk about a production that has the best of both worldsthe fights and action scenes typical of a shonen, and the themes and the way of treating them of a type of series more suitable for mature people.