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Why Tencent is the real danger to Microsoft and Sony: all the companies it has invested in | we are xbox

Currently, the focus of the debate is on Microsoft trying to acquire Activision Blizzard at the same time that Sony tries to avoid the acquisition so as not to be without Call of Duty. Regardless of where this discussion leads, this does not take away Tencent’s position as one of the largest companies in the world, which is well above Sony and Microsoft. This shows that Tencent is the real danger of Microsoft and Sonyand we show you by listing all the companies you have invested in the chinese giant


Although it is true that we do not see the Tencent logo in large productions, that does not mean that it has not intervened in one way or another. Globally played titles like League of Legends are fully owned by Tencet, and to a lesser extent other games like Fortnite are also where they are thanks to investments from Tencent. Now without further ado, let’s list all the companies in which you have invested that it will surely impress you.

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Why Tencent Is The Real Danger To Microsoft And Sony: All The Companies It Has Invested In

All the companies in which the large Chinese company has invested indicate that Tencent is the real danger

  • Funcom, Norway – 100%

  • Leyou, Hong Kong – 100%

  • Riot GamesUS – 100%

  • Sharkmob, Sweden – 100%

  • Turtle Rock, US – 100%

  • Wake Up Interactive, Hong Kong -100%

  • super cellFinland – 84%

  • Grinding Gear Games, New Zealand – 80%

  • Epic GamesUS – 40%

  • Pocket Gems, Japan – 38%

  • Sea Limited (Garena)Singapore – 25.60%

  • Dontnod Entertainment, France – 22.63%

  • Bloomer TeamPoland – 22%

  • marvelousJapan – 20%

  • netmarbleSouth Korea – 17.66%

  • Kakao, South Korea – 13.50%

  • Bluehold Studio, South Korea – 11.50%

  • Frontier Developments, UK – 9%

  • Sumo Group, UK – 8.75%

  • Kadokawa Corporation (FromSoftware, Spike Chunsoft)Japan – 6.86%

  • Activision BlizzardUS – 5%

  • Paradox Interactive, Sweden – 5%

  • UbisoftFrance – 5%

  • Remedy EntertainmentFinland – 3.80%

  • 1C Entertainment, Poland – Majority

  • 10 Chambers Collective, Sweden – Majority

  • fatsharkSweden – Majority

  • Klei Entertainment, Canada – Majority

  • Miniclip, Switzerland – Majority

  • Yager Development, Germany – Majority

  • Bohemia Interactive, Czech Republic – Majority

  • Offworld Industries, Canada – Majority

  • Payload Studios, UK – Majority

  • Playtonic GamesUK – Majority

  • Voodoo, France – Majority

  • Aiming, Japan – Undisclosed

  • discordUS – Undisclosed

  • Inflexion Games, Canada – Undisclosed

  • Lockwood Publishing, UK – Undisclosed

  • PlatinumGamesJapan – Undisclosed

  • RobloxUS – Undisclosed

As we can see, among all the companies in which Tecent has invested, we can find that is the absolute owner of Riot Games, developers of League of Legends and Valorant; titles that top eSports every year. On the other hand, Tencent owns 84% ​​of Supercell, famous for its mobile games (Clash Royal, Clash of Clans), it has also invested to a lesser extent in Activision Blizzard King and Ubisoft. And although the exact figure of its acquisition has not been revealed, it also owns a part of companies such as Discord, PlatinumGames and Roblox.

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With what is already known, we can conclude that Tencet is really the real danger for both Microsoft and Sony and for the industry, and not just these two companies that fight in their own league. Nintendoalthough it is far removed from this controversy, also affected by wild acquisitions by Tecent indirectly. However, regulators do not take the Chinese company into account, and focus on points that are not relevant to the Activision Blizzard acquisition process.