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Wii Sports could be inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame

Every year, The Strong Museum includes a video game in its World Video Game Hall of Fame, which recognizes a title’s influence on the gaming medium and its popularity over a long period of time.

The current finalists for this year’s nominees can be found here, and they include some titans of video game history. Wii Sports, Quake, Age of Empires, Angry Birds, and EA’s FIFA and NBA series are among the candidates.

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It will not be a single candidate that enters the Video Game Hall of Fame, since if we take a look at the previous ones, we will see that four games entered in 2022. So there is a possibility that one of your favorite titles will be among the 2023 nominees.

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To make that possibility real, you can vote for your favorite game among the finalists to ensure its place in the Video Game Hall of Fame. You can vote once a day, so you can tip the scales in your favor by logging in from time to time.

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What game do you think should be in the Video Game Hall of Fame?