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Wild Hearts brings long-awaited patch to improve performance on PC – players say it’s gotten worse

Wild Hearts received a lot of criticism for the bad PC performance of the hunting game. A patch should bring improvement.

Why were players waiting for a patch? This month, Koei Tecmo/Omega Force launched Wild Hearts, a new hunting game in which players fight monsters called kemono.

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But even if the gameplay of Wild Hearts can inspire and the title still has 28,000 players on Steam, the game’s performance has been an issue since its release. Many PC gamers are unable to enjoy the feudal Japan-inspired landscape, however beautifully designed, as FPS drops and stutters disrupt the gaming experience.

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What did the patch do? Yesterday, February 21, 2023, Wild Hearts received a patch that was supposed to fix one of the performance issues, among other things. The patch notes on states: “Fixed an issue where certain high-end CPUs were being unintentionally capped. High-end PCs should now see some performance improvements.”

In addition, an issue with the game’s sound has been fixed, which is said to have also affected performance, which is why players should generally notice a performance boost after the patch. Previously, players use a trick that should improve the FPS of the hunting game by adjusting the sound.

Fixed an issue where some sounds would not play or play with a delay, resulting in audio stacking. This audio stacking issue has also taxed the players’ CPU. As a result of this fix, players should see performance improvements in all areas. The workaround with 5.1/7.1 audio is no longer necessary on the PC.

What are the players saying about the patch? The reactions to the patch are rather bad on reddit, we look in vain for positive reports. Some players even think their performance has gotten worse.

  • Norvax via reddit: “No difference in FPS for me. […] Still between 40 and 70 [FPS] with litters under 30.”
  • SacredGray via reddit: “I’m playing on PC – unfortunately this patch has thrown my entire game into a slight state of slow motion. Technical performance is okay, framerate is good, but it’s like my character is running, jumping and attacking at 75% speed.”
  • Kanadeai via reddit: “Made it worse for me and is now unplayable. […] Was fine before the fix where I had a stable 90-120fps. Now I’m barely at 45 FPS and the whole game is in slow motion.”
  • MeiShimada via reddit: “Anything new from the developers since the patch? He didn’t improve anything and broke a lot. My performance is a bit worse. The input lag is much higher.”

In addition to the performance, there are other reasons why Wild Hearts is struggling with problems on release, such as the high purchase price of 80 euros.

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