Wild Hearts Guide: Game Beginner Tips

If this is your first game of hunting, if you are a veteran of Monster Hunter If you have a hard time letting go of old habits, or if you just want to make your first few hours in this new title more bearable, keep reading. In this guide you will find several useful tips and the best armor for beginners of Wild Heartsthe new game from Omega Force, Koei Tecmo and EA.

if you already read our review of this titlethey know that it has a large number of complex game systems both original and inherited from Monster Hunter and Toukiden. We are going to make a list that we recommend you keep in mind while you become the best beast hunters in the Minato village.


Guide to explore the map Wild Hearts

  • The first thing you should do when you hunt the first kemono on a map is build a hunting tower. When activated, it will inform you of the location of all monsters in its range. We have some recommendations on how to locate them.
    • Three towers are more than enough to cover the main areas of the map and four strategically placed towers will cover you completely. Even when an area has not been fully revealed, it is quite possible to get an idea of ​​its size and distribution. In this way we can get an idea of ​​how to locate the towers.
    • One of these towers must be close to a camp, preferably the first one on each map. In this way we can activate them quickly when starting a mission and locate the kemono without wasting time. Activating a tower automatically activates all the others.
    • Don’t worry if you have blind spots left on the map. Later we can improve the towers to cover a larger area.
  • Initially it will not be possible to build more than a couple of hunter shop by map. As you upgrade the dragon pits and get the resources to build more
    • If while exploring the map you see a place marked with a question symbol, don’t hesitate to go investigate. Most likely, it will be an area that allows you to create a hunter’s store by spending a minimum of resources.
    • Once you know the places that the kemono go to regularly, it is a good idea to build a camp as close to them. If they fall in the middle of the hunt, they will respawn there and can be back in action soon.
  • As long as they find a dragon pit, activate it. Once activated, they can upgrade it from the map without needing to reach it.
  • If from one area they can see another far away area that is difficult to reach, it is worth building a zip line take them there. In fact, when you have the necessary resources, it’s worth building a network of zip lines, catapults, and wind vortexes to help you move quickly across the map.
  • If you hear a strangely mechanical sound while exploring, there’s probably a tsukumo nearby. There are 50 tsukumo on each map. and allow you to greatly improve the skills of our partner. You don’t have to worry about searching for them all at once, as you can upgrade your Hunting Towers later on to mark their locations.

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In this Wild Hearts guide we will give advice to beginners of the game and we will recommend the best armor for the first hours of the adventure.
  • Don’t worry if you run out of dragon pit resources and need to build more karakuri on a map. If they destroy the existing ones, they will recover the resources used on them.

Guide to combat readiness tips on Wild Hearts

  • Believing that the weapon they are going to use on Wild Hearts will be similar to its equivalent in Monster Hunter It’s a big beginner’s mistake and here’s the biggest tip to avoid it: read the tutorials of each weapon before using it. We know you want to hunt as soon as possible, but if you don’t you may miss out on the most interesting aspects of each weapon. Did you know that you can increase the damage and combos of the deck if you tap a certain button after each hit? Didn’t you notice that you can turn your katana into a whip when you fill the meter? Even the arc works radically differently than in other video games.
  • Kemono are more vulnerable to attacks from certain types of weapons and items. Once we find them for the first time, we can see their weaknesses in the menu. This game encourages us to change weapons much more often than other titles of the same style.

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In this Wild Hearts guide we will give advice to beginners of the game and we will recommend the best armor for the first hours of the adventure.
  • Is the weapon you are currently using ineffective against the kemono you are going to face and you don’t have the resources to create a new one? That is not a problem. In Wild Hearts we can undo the improvements made to any weapon and recover the resources that we had spent on it. Don’t be afraid to return a weapon to its initial state to follow another path in the upgrade tree if that’s what suits you. That has a cost in gold, but it is not very high.
  • same as in Monster Hunter, we can eat before a hunt to improve our chances of victory. In the first hunts, we recommend collecting all the ingredients that you find along the way and eating those that increase maximum health and defense. Later we can use karakuri that will allow us to dehydrate food and make it more effective.
In this Wild Hearts guide we will give advice to beginners of the game and we will recommend the best armor for the first hours of the adventure.

fighting the kemono

  • The giant monsters of Wild Hearts They are incredibly aggressive and can catch beginners who don’t follow advice and jump in without thinking. First of all, watch your rivals, learn to read their movements so that they can anticipate their actions. Only make your attacks slower but stronger if you are absolutely convinced that you have an opening that you won’t regret.
  • use the karakuri. These hunting tools are not a simple ‘gimmick’, they are the most important allies we have when fighting. Even a simple crate that we can climb on to attack with a jump can greatly increase the damage we do to a kemono. Learn what each basic karakuri is for and take advantage of it. Of course, try not to exhaust all the karakuri fiber.
  • The bright points of the kemono are not their weak points, they are areas that we can take advantage of to double our fiber and be able to “abuse” the use of karakuri. When we break a part of a kemono and reveal one of these bright spots, we can climb on it by climbing and pressing the button that the game tells us.
  • If an enemy is giving you a hard time, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Wild Hearts It is first and foremost a cooperative multiplayer title and all the kemono are better balanced for multiplayer games.

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By the way, don’t worry if you don’t have access to all weapon types at the start of the game. These will be unlocked as you progress through the story.

in minato

  • Activate all tasks fishermen’s guild that they can, even if they are not going to be actively seeking to complete them. Most of the objectives are things we need to do while playing the game normally and the rewards are worth it, especially in large amounts of gold.
  • Speaking of gold, has it happened to you that you run out of money to upgrade your weapons and armor? There are kemono parts that are not good for forging and can be sold without fear. If we choose the option to sell in the Crimson Treasure shop, they always appear first in the list and their description makes it clear that they can be sold.

What is the best armor for beginners in Wild Hearts?

If you’re just starting the game and are overwhelmed by the number of options when it comes to building gear, follow this advice. Progress through the story until you defeat the second big monster in the game: the sapthrower.

It may be necessary to defeat him a few more times to have all the parts required to forge the Armor of the Young Samuraibut it is worth following these tips because it is the best adapted to the needs of beginning players in Wild Hearts. Its pieces have abilities that increase the maximum health and the karakuri fiber that we get. It is possible to continue with this armor until more or less the middle of the game without problems.

In this Wild Hearts guide we will give advice to beginners of the game and we will recommend the best armor for the first hours of the adventure.

If you want a little more attack with this armor, you can replace the leg part with the sune-ate of basara that can be forged with parts of Swamp Fang, the next boss in the game.

We hope this beginner’s guide to tips for Wild Hearts and our recommendation with the best starting armor will be useful to you and help you become the best beast hunters in Minato.