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Wild Hearts is updated on computers with performance improvements

Publisher Electronic Arts and developer Omega Force have released the first major patch for Wild Hearts on computers after collecting the majority of complaints from players who were able to enjoy the monster hunting title in its early access. Broadly speaking, this update fixes most of the performance issues, especially on PCs with high-end CPUs, which are the ones that are experiencing an error that inadvertently limits performance. Both companies have also announced that a patch with various fixes will be released next week for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions.


The patch also fixes a bug that caused the sound mix was a bit chaotic due to some sounds not playing or playing later than they should, something that overloaded the CPU. Among other minor changes, those responsible for the title have revealed that, after the installation of the patch, the Wild Hearts It will run at 1080p resolution and a 16:9 aspect ratio for all those who open it for the first time, although of course these values, among many others, can be changed in the graphics options menu. You can check out the full patch notes below:

  • Fixed an issue where some high-end CPUs would crash unintentionally. The performance of high-end PCs should improve.
  • Fixed an issue where some sounds would not play or be delayed, causing audio stacking. This “audio stacking” issue was also overloading the players CPU. As a result of this fix, players should see performance improvements across the board. The solution to use 5.1/7.1 audio is no longer needed on PC.
  • Default resolution setting to 16:9 1080p at first boot. The recommended specifications for Wild Hearts are aligned with a 16:9 1080p display, for first time users this will now be the default setting. You can change this setting to the resolution of your choice in-game.
  • Fixed a rendering issue (disco lights) when using an AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX.
  • Fixed an issue on the save/load screen that could corrupt save data.
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How has this alternative to Monster Hunter turned out?

What seemed like an imitation more than Monster Hunter has ended up being a game with its own entity thanks to a handful of good ideas. Among them, of course, stands out the importance of its construction system, which has an enormous influence on the rhythms and strategies of the combats. But neither is that approach to battles that is more imposing, more tense, more soulslike if you want to see it like that; each monster is a huge final boss that will have to be repeated over and over again until we master it”, we conclude in our complete analysis.

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