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Wild Hearts takes us on a hunt for his new Kemono, the infamous Neblicorvo

The second Wild Hearts update arrives today introducing a new species of Unstable Kemono, infamous Neblicorvo, which hunters must hunt. He neblicorvo neblicorvo infamous It is a creature very similar to birds, it is infested with toxins, which hunters must counteract before they end up expanding and damaging the Akikure Canyon.

Upon defeating the creature, players will be awarded the Exorcism of Fame title, as well as gaining a new talisman ability of toxic shock which will help weaken the health of intoxicated Kemonos.


In addition to this new addition, a new special mission has been added, Constant Hunting. In it, the players must hunt the Kemonos in a limited time, without the healing water. By completing the mission, for each round successfully completed, you will get rewards and unlock chat stamps and emotes. Instead, if they fail at any point in the mission, they will receive nothing.

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