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Wild Hearts: The arrival of the new EA to Xbox Game Pass is filtered – Generacion Xbox

Wild Hearts: The arrival of the new EA to Xbox Game Pass is filtered

Electronics Arts’ new IP is drawing a lot of attention. It looks beastly, never better said, because the game is about wild beasts. A game that a priori very reminiscent of Capcom’s Monster Hunterbut which has, or at least seems to have, the necessary ingredients to have its own identity.

No one expected the game to launch on Xbox Game Pass; In fact, I want to clarify and warn that this is not confirmed, but it has already been seen in the Microsoft Store that this is a possibility. And the margin of error for those who filter this type of thing is usually quite small since they have access to non-visible data cells that already give a lot of information beyond the classic placeholder.

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Wild Hearts on Game Pass? it’s possible

The Aggiornamenti Lumia account, known for filtering almost everything that comes to the Store, has left a good taste in our mouths warning that it has managed to associate a code name with Wild Hearts. Games usually land in the store’s database with a codename and then release their real name.

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As the account owner explains, it is the “Rosebud B-Ohni” project, which corresponds to the EA game. However, he warns that from what he has seen, its release to Game Pass is already planned in the store, but this does not mean that it will arrive at launch. The account clarifies that the arrival is planned in the store, but when it will arrive is a mystery.

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