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Will Abraham Mateo be at the Year 3 Soiree?

With 2023 already underway, many of us wonder how the year will unfold and what events will we meet. One of the most anticipated is, of course, the Evening of the Year 3. The event organized by Ibai Plains It has already become something that everyone wants to see. Well, hethe countdown has already started and it seems that soon we could have news about this third edition.


As revealed by Ibai himself days ago, the process is going well and everything is approximately 80% closed. However, we still have a few days to go until everything is completely done. From the participants to the artists, Ibai wants to get everything ready as soon as possible. What no one could expect is that Abraham Mateo made an appearance and show himself as a candidate for the event.

Abraham Mateo could have his place in the Evening of Year 3

It all started with Abraham noting that he would like dedicate a song to Auronplay during the third edition of the Evening of the Year. However, Ibai decided to go one step further, challenging the artist to do something that we might not have thought of at first.

In response to the possibility of doing a song, Ibai asked him, “And why don’t you come to fight?«. And this is where Abraham Mateo himself responded to him. «Tell me when and where“He said in response to the challenge of Ibai Llanos. With this, Abraham makes it clear that he has no no fear of training to get into the ring and box with whoever.

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For now, we will have to wait for Ibai to announce both the participants and the date in which the Year 3 Evening will be held. If we look at previous years, it will be throughout the month of February when everything is presented to us. Continuing in this line, the event would be held at the end of June or beginning of July 2023.

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