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Will Apex Legends Mobile characters make it to the original game? The developers have given the answer | we are xbox

Apex Legends Mobile For a long time it was a great option to enjoy the experience that this hero-shooter battle royale offers on consoles and PC. In addition to being a good competitor to Call of Duty and PUBG in the entertainment mobile app market. However, surprisingly they have decided to end this interesting experience, and although they have not yet given the specific reasons, the development team has answered the question of what else has been repeated. Will Apex Legends Mobile characters make it to the original game?


The community is clearly confused after the announcement of the closure of the game, and above all they want to recover the money spent on the title, but another part of the players wants to know what will happen to the exclusive content of Apex Legends Mobile. If you didn’t know, this version of the game has two very interesting exclusive legends, these being Fade and Rhapsody.

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The developers answer if the characters of Apex Legends Mobile will arrive in the original game

Since its launch in the mobile game, it was clarified that they would be their own content for said version of the game, in such a way that it would work as an attraction for the public that plays on consoles and PC. Although knowing the future end of the Apex Legends Mobile version, players expect these characters to land in the classic Apex Legends soon. Nevertheless, maybe the response from the developers will not excite those who want to see Fade and Rhapsody as soon as possible.

Today, February 1, a private Respawn Entertainment presentation with press and content creators took place. Regarding the mobile version of this battle royalethe developers have stated that they have no plans to bring Apex Legends Mobile characters into the original game, at least not in the near future.

Unfortunately, we will lose a great mobile game, but what still maintains its original version on other platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC. So players who fell in love with the Apex Legends mobile experience still have other alternatives to continue playing.