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will create 2 companies to manufacture chips

The difference between the two continents is not only cultural, it is a different way of thinking and how the problems of industries and people are addressed. It is not that the US is the panacea for everything, but it knows a lot about making money and being leaders, and for this reason, led by Gina Raimondo, the Biden administration is going to take the chip bull by the horns by creating two more companies for manufacturing and logistics of the same, something that in Europe we do not even dream of at the moment.

While in Europe we are about to see them come with the largest chip manufacturers, which are either asking us for an enormous amount of public money, or they directly leave us planted, in the United States they do not want to depend on anyone and they move, yes, based on and heel strike, as usual.


CHIPS and Science Act come into play in a smart move by Biden


Are 52 billion, insufficient for the former president of TSMC and, nevertheless, they are going to go a long way. Next week the long-awaited event of open applications will take place so that companies begin to receive funds from the semiconductor laws, and for this reason, Gina Raimondo wanted to explain what will be the next step for her country and How are they going to approach all this mess that makes no one happy, because The Law will create two companies from nothing:

“Each cluster will include a strong ecosystem of suppliers, R&D facilities to continuously innovate new process technologies, and specialized infrastructure,” Raimondo told students at Georgetown University’s School of ForeEsports ExtrasService. “Each of those groups will employ thousands of workers in high-paying jobs.”

This announcement is not focused on Intel, TSMC, Texas Instruments and other companies on duty, but rather towards the creation of what they have called “semiconductor manufacturing groups”two in particular. These groups, which will be semi-public companies (it is not very clear how they will do it) they are going to be in charge of producing advanced memory chips in economically competitive terms, according to Raimondo.

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The US copies the concept of Europe and implements it earlier and autonomously

Gina Raimondo

The objective is the same that Europe has for its companies, which are leading in many aspects, but the one that is currently pulling the car is the automotive or military, and the Biden administration also sees it this way:

“The factories will also help meet the need for current-generation chips and mature nodes, most critical to economic and national security. These are the chips found in the automobiles, medical devices, and many of our defense capabilities.”

Why is the US coming out now to compete in this segment? Well, Chang’s criticisms of TSMC seem to have been fully heard in the US government. Biden seeks not to depend on Taiwan in the face of the constant problems that the Taiwanese are having with personnel, costs and salaries, technical requirements and even the land on which to build.

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The US wants to compete with Taiwan face-to-face from 2030 with its chip companies


Taking into account that TSMC, in the words of Raimondo, accounts for 92% of the world chip volume in terms of manufacturing…

“This is fundamentally a national security issue. As I said, the CHIPS Act is about getting a technological advantageexport controls try to maintain it”.

And of course, taking into account that TSMC is in Taiwan and that China is just a trifle away from assaulting the island, where tensions are at a very high point, Raimondo and the Biden administration make a move before the conflict breaks out. He expressed it this way when she was asked about a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan:

“Don’t be naive about this, China wants the technology to improve their military capacityand export controls are strictly defined or designed to make sure they don’t get these chips to enhance it.

Vision is an ambitious partnership public-private where government, industry, customers, suppliers, educational institutions, entrepreneurs, and investors converge to innovate, connect, and solve problems. Therefore, the most impactful, relevant and universal R&D challenges in the industry will be solved.


Most importantly, the NSTC will ensure that USA Leads the Next Generation of Semiconductor Technologiesfrom quantum computing, materials science and AI to future applications that we haven’t thought about yet,” Raimondo said.

As we can see, the American leadership capacity has nothing to do with the European one, which only aspires to have foreEsports Extrascompanies on its land so that they supply it with chips at all costs, paying them a large part of the investment in its FABs. The Biden administration will not only support their companies, but will create two more from scratch for related industries and R&D, so that they will try to lead ahead of TSMC at a point that has been set as 2030. We will see if they are really capable.

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