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Will Star Wars Jedi Survivor be playable on Xbox Game Pass? Here’s what other EA releases tell us | we are xbox

Lately Electronic Arts has launched one or another quite important title. Dead Space Remake and Wild Hearts are a clear example of this, two games of which one specifically seeks to revive a genre and a franchise that was long forgotten, while the other begins a journey to face and match the game. Biggest game yet, Monster Hunter. However, neither of these two games is officially on Game Pass, but there is a certain way to play it, which leads us to wonder if Star Wars Jedi Survivor will be playable on Xbox Game Pass.

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EA Play is a subscription service from Electronic Arts that includes multiple benefits for users. In turn, it offers a large catalog of the publisher’s games, ranging from Xbox 360 games to more current games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. This service is included in all the benefits of “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate”but you can also purchase it separately.


Star Wars Jedi Survivor will be playable on Xbox Game Pass, but not in full

Among so many benefits that Xbox Game Pass and EA Play offer, one in particular is being able to try out the launch games from Electronic Arts for at least 10 hours. This has been possible with each new release from the company such as Dead Space Remake, Wild Hearts and even at the time it could be done with Battlefield V. For this reason, Star Wars Jedi Survivor will likely be playable on Xbox Game PassHowever, we will have to go through the box if we want to play it in full.

Right now the first installment of this saga started by Respawn Entertainment, responsible for games like Titanfall and Apex Legends, is fully available on Xbox Game Pass. We can learn about the beginnings of Cal Kestis as a complete Jedi and, in addition to that, we also have the first chapter of the novel that will connect these two games, known as Star Wars Jedi: Battle Scars, available for free.