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Will the EU be charged with anonymity on the Internet for updating the convention on cybercrime?

Hackers, cyber criminals or hackers have been around for many years. Acting largely from the shadows and anonymity, many hacker groups go unstoppable and end up on their own free will. But that is not the only problem, but the current agreement that imposes measures on cybercrime. This agreement It has been with us for more than two decades, it is outdated and it leaves important key aspects that the EU wants to implement to carry fight against cybercrime and data protection.

Today, our data is much more important than we think. To be constantly connected to the Internet, we use them for basically everything. But this is a double edged sword, because in the same way they can be stolen by hackers or cybercriminals. To regulate and deal with cybercrime offenses and crimes, we have a single agreement that is already many years old. Called budapest convention, this was the first international treaty to combat crimes committed on the Internet. Was the November 23, 2001 when he appeared, although he did not enter in force until the July 1, 2004.


The EU asks to update the convention on cybercrime

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The international treaty that fights against cybercrime began more than 20 years ago and today has the support from more than 66 countries worldwide. However, this is far from perfect and being the first and only agreement against cybercrime, it received much criticism for its measures. And it is that, to prosecute those who have committed a crime on the Internet, the agreement granted the authorities certain powers, such as register computer networks and security equipment. With this, they will be able to discover the criminals who committed crimes of fraud or forgery.

However, the privacy of the data is violated and this generated strong criticism of the system. Now the EU is pushing to add the Second Additional Protocol to the Convention. With this, he will grant researchers a greater freedomalso allowing to simplify international access to tests stored in the cloud. In fact, the countries will be able to access emails and documents to expedite the trial process.

The new EU regulation generates criticism around the world

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With the second protocol of the Convention, the EU seeks a greater international cooperation between authoritiesthe Service providers and the institutions from the different countries. All this, while guaranteeing the protection of people and ensuring compliance with the EU data protection rules. As soon as we read it, we can get an idea that the new protocol makes our data even more visible and easy to access than before. All those defenders of data protection have severely criticized this change.


Although his goal is improve cooperation and enable a more effective fight against cybercriminals, the protection of people and data seems to be secondary, according to the EDPS. Given the risks associated with the processing of this data, the EDPS recommends that they not be shared with service providers. Additionally, there are more than 40 organizations worldwide who have complained about this EU decision on the cybercrime agreement. The critics have reached a point where they assure that this new regulation would harm the anonymity and freedom of people on the Internet.

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