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Will there finally be another good ESO chapter after 2 years? Community celebrates announcements

Yesterday the new chapter Necrom and the contents for 2023 were presented for the . The Elder Scrolls Online. Early reactions from the community indicate that 2023 could be an exciting year in ESO. Here, on MeinMMO, you can find out why.

What will ESO bring in 2023? As usual, a new trial appears (for 12 players). Although there will only be 2 new dungeons this year, the developers will focus more on player simplifications and bug fixes.


The new story brings us back to Morrowind, where we will meet the Deadra Lord Hermaeus Mora.

Here is a brief overview of all content:

  • A new class with its own mechanics
  • Two new companions
  • Two new areas
  • 10 new item sets, new antiquities, new collectibles, new achievements and titles
  • The card game “Histories of Fame” gets a new set of cards.
  • 1 new raid for 12 players

How is the expansion going? A vote on the official 2023 content announcement feedback thread so far shows that just over half are positive. This is a better result than last year. However, so far only a few users have voted.

ESO Voting Official Feedback Thread 2023 - updated 26-01-23 19-15
More than 50% of the players have been able to convince the content for 2023 in the vote so far.
(via ESO Forum)

The post has 237 votes so far (as of January 26, 2023, 7:15 p.m.). So far, the narrow majority has shown a positive reaction to the new content. A little more than a quarter of the players are even very happy about the content.

On reddit, the majority of users are enthusiastic

In several posts on reddit there is a very positive mood with regard to this year’s adventure. In a post on the ESO Announcements, one sees comments like:

  • “Ah damn, new class, I guess I need to get back to ESO” – writes TheFrozenSlime
  • “Holy shit, new class. Great.” – writes spudally
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In another post, the mood is also good:

  • “If that’s indeed the case, which I hope is the case, I’ll be even more excited. Hopefully it’s a return to form after a lackluster few years.” – writes destindil
  • “Honestly, that’s enough to make me happy!” – writes Jrod the Thunder God

Only a few users are disappointed with the new content:

  • “Was really hoping for spellcrafting, but sounds like that has been scrapped and converted into this new class.” – writes Red on Red Lean

There was also very positive feedback on MeinMMO

The good mood was also noticeable on MeinMMO. In our first article about the new content, there were almost exclusively satisfied statements. By the way, you can check out the article here:

ESO is finally getting a new class – everything about the Necrom expansion and the content in 2023

What our readers said:

  • “Finally back to Morrowind. Finally a reunion with Naryu.” – wrote Direwolf
  • “Well, the trailer looks REALLY MEGA and gets me interested in getting back into ESO.” wrote Cherico

Players are looking forward to a long-awaited new class

The wish for ESO to bring a new class has finally been granted after years of waiting. In recent years, there has been an increasing sense of disappointment when it was clear that there would be no new class for a new chapter.

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In 2017, the Guardian class appeared with the Morrowind Chapter. The Elsweyr Chapter brought the Necromancer in 2019. And then no new class was added for a long time, which led to louder and louder calls in the chat of the following announcement streams.

With the Arcanist as a new class this year, many ESO players have been granted a wish that they have been waiting for for a long time. In addition, the new class stands out from all previous classes, because the arcanist has a completely new game mechanic: a kind of combo system.

ESO Arcanist
The Arcanist brings a breath of fresh air to the game with the new Crux mechanic.

With the introduction of this class, the maximum number of character slots has also been increased to a total of 20 slots.

Nostalgia is aroused with the return to Morrowind

It was always well received by the players when old memories could be awakened with a chapter. You just noticed that with the Greymoor chapter and the Morrowind chapter. In the last chapter High Isle that was missed by many players.

But with the return to Morrowind, the Necrom Chapter has that nostalgia bonus back.

There’s a reunion with a popular character

The wicked assassin Naryu Virian is a well-known and much-loved face in ESO for players. Her direct and seductive nature combined with her sense of black humor has made her a popular figure in the ESO community.

ESO-Naryu Virian

She even made our top 3 lovable NPCs in ESO with her headstrong and endearing character. This year you can look forward to meeting her again.

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Also my conclusion: I was absolutely convinced by the new content for this year!

I’m really excited about the new class myself and how it plays with it. I think the implementation with a new way of playing is brilliant. That really really surprised me.


The last two chapters didn’t really convince me. I also didn’t like the changes to the combat system at all. So I was extremely happy about the course changes already announced this year.

I really liked the story of the Morrowind chapter at the time. So I really like going back to this area. The excerpts in the announcement stream also made a nice dark impression due to the encounter with Hermaeus Mora.


Writer at MeinMMO, official member of the ESO Stream team

What do you think of the new Necrom Chapter and content for 2023? Tell us here in the comments.


Until the announced chapter comes out, you have to wait a little longer. In the meantime, check out our ESO 2022 recap.