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Will V Rising be playable with a controller? This is what its developers say

One of the video games that is on everyone’s lips lately is V Rising, the action RPG from Stunlock Studios that was just released just a few days ago in early access. At the moment it is only available for PC through Steam with keyboard and mouse support, as is usual in this type of title.

However, there are those who are more in favor of use a controller to playhence in the game forum they have asked the studio if at some point in this early access phase the possibility of using a controller will be enabled, given that the user who asks the question indicates that for him it would be a determining factor in the time to support the title.

Well, the creators of V Rising They have commented that they are not currently working on an update to play with a controller, although they claim to be aware of the interest in this matter. Moreover, they do not close the door to what may happen in the future:

We’re interested in making the game as optimized as possible in its current form for PC before looking at controller options. The control knob is a possibility, but it is also a desEsports Extrasrestriction. It would be nice to make the game more accessible by adapting it to controllers, but our priority is to make the game the best it can be right now.

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In addition, another of the functions that Stunlock Studios is working on is the possibility of play offline with our friends without any Internet connection through a private server, although at the moment it has not been indicated when this great novelty will arrive.

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