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Will we have any Spanish agent in VALORANT?

VALORANT agents are a real unknown. Although we have many details of all of them, we always want to know more. We already know the region of origin of most of them. Yes indeed, we still have a lot of background to meet them all.


We spoke with Alberto Delgado about these agents «Bertiux«, Brand Manager of VALORANT in Riot Games Iberia. At first, Bertiux commented how agents were developed and of course, How did they decide where they came from?. From Riot Games they pay a lot of attention to both the base player as in competitive fans. Come on, all those people who are interested in the shooter by Riot.

Once this is analyzed, they proceed to decide which region doesn’t have an agent and could fit perfectly into the character roster. There we have the case of Fade. «In Turkey they are crazy about VALORANT and they needed to have their own agentBertiux highlighted. We wanted to go a step further and that is where the big question came from: Will we have a USAagent in VALORANT in the future?


The possibility of a USAagent in VALORANT is there

USA also has a great fondness for VALORANT. As the months progress we see how more and more users play a game or decide to give the competitive one a chance. Here we have the case of Champions 2021where many Spaniards supported KRÜ Esports from start to finish. On more than one occasion we have seen the question of whether that USAagent will exist at some point.

«I hope one dayBertiux stated. «There are many countries that deserve to have an agent but do not yet have one. I think that USA has that potential to bring a character. The day it happens I’m going to go crazy. I don’t see it as an impossible dream, although we will have to give it time and keep hopeBertiux concluded.


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