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Will we see a new New Super Mario Bros. game on Nintendo Switch?

The Serie New Super Mario Bros. it became a mainstay of the Mario franchise for much of the modern industry.

The titles of the plumber have accompanied multiple generations throughout history. For this reason, both young and old know and adore Mario and his friends in the same way. Now with an animated movie about to be released, there is no doubt that the Super Mario Bros.. it will reach many more people around the world.


However, when it comes to video games, Nintendo is very careful with this franchise. As a result, we sometimes go several years without a main series game, like the New Super Mario Bros. or Mario in 3D.

The Serie New Super Mario Bros.

As the industry moved much more towards 3D settings, fans of the Mario classics found solace in the series. New Super Mario Bros.

This sub-series of the plumber universe was established in 2006 with the release of New Super Mario Bros. For the Nintendo DS handheld, this title combined everything we loved about the series, including fun platforming levels, battles against Bowser’s minions, power-up items, and plenty of challenging obstacles. It featured over 80 levels and multiple boss fights, including Bowser Jr. and Bowser.


This adventure in search of Princess Peach became a quick hit with rave reviews. It’s no surprise that Nintendo used his name in the Wii sequels, Nintendo 3DS and WIi U. Each subsequent game added multiple innovations, both in gameplay and design. Over the years it became one of the reasons to buy the platforms of Nintendo.

However, nintendoswitch he has not received his own game in this series. It is true that it has New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, an exclusive title of the hybrid. But this is not an original game, but the definitive version of the game for Wii U, which has discouraged players who have been waiting for a new adventure for years.


Will we see a New Super Mario Bros. original in nintendoswitch?

It is difficult to predict the plans of a company like Nintendo, which is usually not very talkative when it comes to ads. What we do know is that both Super Mario Bros. and nintendoswitch they are in their center of interests, and it is very probable that we will see new projects in the following years.

If we talk about the power of the platform, the hybrid is falling far behind its competitors. However, it is powerful enough to explore the magical universes of some of our favorite franchises, as they have shown. Super Mario 3D World and Kirby and the forgotten land.

Therefore, a new game of New Super Mario Bros. would have no problem harnessing the power of nintendoswitch, while also delivering an experience that many fans are looking forward to. And being one of the best-selling platforms in history, there is no doubt that it deserves an original game in this Mario series. Although it may have some drawbacks.


New Super Mario Bros

Did Nintendo kill the series?New” with Mario Maker?

As we mentioned at the beginning, the modern audience seems to be more interested in 3D games than 2D platformers. It is true that each genre has its public, but Nintendo it already seems to be having success with open 3D maps, as demonstrated by the popular Super Mario Odyssey and even its new theme parks.

It should be noted that we have not been exempt from Mario games in 2D in nintendoswitch. The popular Super Mario Maker allows players to create and share their own levels in different styles of the series, from the classics to the most recent New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. With the ability to play other people’s awesome levels, you might Nintendo I have not seen the need to create a new game.


In essence, a new installment of New Super Mario Bros. You will have to explore some unknown areas of the Mushroom Kingdom, adding mechanics that have not been seen before. In this way they could create something that we cannot see in Super Mario Maker 2 or any other platform game on the market.

Fortunately for us, Nintendo It is not short of creativity when it comes to its games and products. They always find how to surprise us with their innovations, so we hope they can bring us an excellent 2D Mario adventure if they put their minds to it. At least that’s what all the Super Mario Bros. rumors seem to indicate.

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