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Will we see The Last of Us Part 3 or Uncharted 5? Neil Druckmann responds

Joel and Ellie’s story is on everyone’s lips. The success of the HBO series based on the popular video game has revived interest in it and increased sales of the game. recent ‘remake’. Obviously, it also made the world wonder if he will continue with The Last of Us Part 3 and thanks to a question co-creator Neil Druckmann was asked about this, we find out what Naughty Dog thinks about making Uncharted 5.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Neil Druckmann—writer and creative director of Uncharted 4, The Last of Us and its sequel—reminded us that Naughty Dog is working on a multiplayer experience of TLoU and that The Last of Us Part 3 it would be a reality only if “they manage to devise a captivating story with a universal message about love”. With this it seems to make it clear that they are currently not working on the third installment of the saga.

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In an interview with Buzzfeed, director Neil Druckmann discussed the possibilities of seeing The Last of Us Part 3 or Uncharted 5 from Naughty Dog.

When talking about this, Druckmann mentions that Sony has never pressured them to make a new installment of a saga just because it is popular. Use as an example Unchartedsaying that even though his fourth installment was incredibly popular, Sony allowed them to say they were done with the story, put the finishing touches on it, and leave it behind..

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The director makes it more than clear that Naughty Dog is not working on Uncharted 5 nor is he interested in doing it. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve seen the last of Nathan Drake, his family and his friends. We know that the new studio PSS Visual Arts is working on “a new title in a beloved franchise hand in hand with Naughty Dog”. It is strongly rumored that it could be a new Uncharted or the return of Jack and Daxter.


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Source: Buzzfeed