Windows 11 will be updated to improve AI multitasking performance

Microsoft is planning to integrate new smart Snap features to improve the performance of applications in Windows 11 by using Snap Layouts and Snap Assist. Put another way, Microsoft wants all Windows 11 desktop windows to have smart features powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Below is a contextual image of what to expect from these new desktop windows. This is one more step by Microsoft to integrate AI-linked improvements to all of its tools. According to Windows Central sources, these features include remembering Snap layouts for certain app groups that the user can restore with a single click. In addition to incorporate OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition) to enable searching for apps in the Snap Assist view.

Microsoft wants a smarter Windows 11

Smart Snap features in Windows 11

According to the optical recognition technology of characters in the Snap Assist interface. It is stated that this will improve the time it takes to find a running app in order to pin it. For example, you can search for a word, phrase, or image that you remember seeing on a web page or app, even if the word, phrase, or image is not mentioned in its title.

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Microsoft has also experimented with the idea of ​​adding Snap Layouts that adjust dynamically depending on the application that is in the foreground. For example, if the user is running two apps side by side in a 70%/30% split, clicking the app that takes up 30% of the screen would make it 70%.

The AI ​​will also be able to remember layout settings that you have done in the applications, which you can restore with a simple click. In this way, the user has practically instantaneous access to an arrangement of windows of the applications that you use regularly. This is an obvious advantage. Every time we start the system, we must manually configure the size or position of the windows we use.

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It is not clear when these features will be ready. The latest preview builds of Windows 11 have a hidden feature identifier that mentions tuning hints. In this way, they could arrive in the coming weeks only for Insiders. If so, the rest of the users would enjoy the improvements at the end of the year.

All Microsoft products are turning to AI

Microsoft Edge Bing AI ChatGPT

Giving Windows 11 AI for multitasking doesn’t sound surprising. You have to remember that a few days ago your Bing web browser and Edge browser were updated to add OpenAI’s artificial intelligence: ChatGPT.

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Without going any further, last weekend it was revealed that Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Outlook tools they would also integrate an Artificial Intelligence similar to ChatGPT. In Word, it will allow you to do a job in record time. Whereas in PowerPoint, it could help you generate numerous slides just by explaining what you want in text.

Features like this are just the tip of the iceberg regarding Microsoft’s ideas and plans around integrating AI into Windows. The company has already said that plans to add AI to many of its products.