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Witchfire, the dark fantasy action game, presents new gameplay

The Astronauts, the study of The Vanishing of Ethan Carterhas submitted a new gameplay of his next shooter for PC -Epic Games Store-, witchfire, which will be released in 2023 as Early Access. The video gives us a look at the weapons in the game and the creative director focuses on one in particular: Hunger, which will gain in damage as we land critical shots.

Adrian Chmielarz comments on this clip from Esports ExtrasFanfest 2023 that three critical shots provides on the next reload three powerful bullets. witchfire thus take advantage of the fantasy of its setting together with the action of an FPS; the team has some veterans who participated in pain killer and bulletstorm. “A roguelite for people who hate roguelite“, the developer defines it. “The game offers a challenge and satisfying gameplay with multiple paths to reach victory.

At war with witches

Desperate in their fight against witches, the Church uses forbidden magic to turn sinners into immortal witch hunters. Armed with powerful spells and fearsome firearms, we have been summoned to find the infamous Black Sea Witch, destroy the ghost army that protects her from her, and…recover a strange artifact that could turn the tide of this war.

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Its graphics stand out for the use of photogrammetrya technology used in The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and that allows some impressive graphics that enhance the dark fantasy of this world.

Witchfire new gameplay shooter for PC from The Astronauts