With the Starfield soundtrack we will hear even the particles of space in each space adventure

It is one of the most powerful balls of all 2022 is the one that awaits us in the Starfield galaxy. Bethesda wants to put all the meat on the grill and a trip is coming that we will remember for many years. To warm up the engines, the company is gradually revealing different aspects of the work.

Recently we were able to see Vasco, a robot that will be our best friend in our wanderings through the stars. Today it is the turn of an aspect that may go unnoticed but is fundamental. Audio Director Mark Lampert and Composer Inon Zur sit down to discuss the sound and soundtrack that will engulf us in Starfield.

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The most anticipated games of 2022: God of War Ragnarök, Starfield, Elden Ring, Pokemon Scarlet and Purple and all the bombshells of a devastating year

Starfield is the most ambitious project I have ever worked onZur comments. ‘It’s a huge game set in a huge universe, but most of all, it’s about the courage to ask big questions—philosophical and transcendental—that people don’t dare or bother to ask themselves.

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One of Zur’s great motivations when composing has been to ask himself questions like “Where are you going? What motivates you? What is your story?” The biggest challenge in composing is creating the main beat, but once you get it, everything flows much more smoothly, Zur acknowledges.


It is truly fascinating to hear the artist recount that he divided the orchestral group, which allowed the woodwind players to create their own layer. It represents the particles of spacesince they do not play any melody, but a series of high frequencies.

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Be that as it may, we will be in the front row to hear everything you have Starfield to our ears. On November 11, the Microsoft exclusive will land on Xbox Series X / S, PC and, of course, Xbox Game Pass.