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Elden Ring

Wo Long explains why he doesn’t want an open world like Elden Ring

The game will feature a Morale system that is better developed in stages than in an open world.

There are not a few players who were excited by the last great announcement of Team Ninja: a game that, with the name of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, invites us to participate in deadly strife against creatures of all kinds. The title stands out especially for presenting a combat based on the game of Chinese martial arts swords, but it will also implement a morale system very characteristic.


Each mission you start will be a contained phase that you must overcome Team NinjaMasaaki Yamagiwa Y fumihiko yasuda producers of the installment, have been explaining to us the particularities of their campaEsports Extrasin an exclusive talk with Esports Extras: “In Wo Long, you have main missions and submissions, and each mission you start will be a contained phase that you must overcome This is due to the implementation of the Morale system.”

“The Morale system is new and tailored to Wo Long, and it’s important for the team to present how intrinsic this Morale system is,” continue Yamagiwa and Fumihiko. “The Morale system is something the development team came up with and felt it was a good mix for present the level desEsports Extrasof the gameas well as the strategic elements of the Three Kingdoms which is the main focus for this game.”

Each phase can be played differently to increase your rankTeam Ninja“The range of the Morale system will increase based on whether your character is facing a large enemy, finding flags, or conquering certain areas of the map,” the producers explain. “Because this system is so integral to the game, mission-based structure makes more sense. Each phase can be played differently to increase your rank. can be unlock different magic, which we’re calling Wizardry Spells, which can affect the enemies you face, or the routes you can take on the map. All of these factors contributed to using a mission-based system.”


Beyond this, we couldn’t help but wonder if the world of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty would give us the ability to explore areas on horseback. An option that, unfortunately, has been discarded: “There is no skill to ride a horse in the game. However, there are famous Chinese horses in the game, and potentially some enemies ride horses.”

Leaving aside these characteristics, everything points to Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty promises complicated battles and tense moments for early 2023. PS5 and Xbox Series gamers can get a taste of the game’s early stages now with a demo available for a limited time, but if you want a deeper look at the experience, we recommend checking out our first impressions of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. .