Wo Long Fallen Dynasty fixes an annoying bug that duplicates items in inventory

Tom Henry

wo long fallen dynasty fixes an annoying bug that duplicates

The development studio Team Ninja and the publisher Koei Tecmo have released the 1.11 update for Wo Long: Fallen Dynastythe action RPG masocore From creators of Nioh and Ninja Gaiden. The patch fixes some bugs introduced with version 1.10, the first DLC Battle of Zhongyuansuch as duplicating items in the inventory.

That bug of duplicate objects, something that could occur in the battle equipment menu, has been partially corrected. It doesn’t happen anymore, but those who have suffered from it and can’t remove the cloned items will have to keep playing like this until they finish developing. another patch they are already working on.

Also fixes a bug where the program could crash when staying on the screen for a long time. map screenand another in which blocked progress if in the quest “Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch” Baishe is finished off right after an invited player has left the game.

To these corrections we must add another: sometimes, when using control schemes C, D or E magic abilities could not be changed correctly. They have also fixed visual errors in two armors in the menu and with two helmets that caused the head of the player’s avatar to not display correctly.

Crashes are also fixed on PS4 and PC

In ps4 a has been corrected bug that closed the program when entering the mission “The Valley of the weeping specters”; and in computer Fixed a crash when playing at 4K resolution with HDR using AMD FSR2 upscaling technology. In addition to all this, there are other “minor bug fixes” in the patch notes.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty It is available from March 3 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4 and Xbox One. From the day of launch it is included in Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. You can read our analysis here.

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