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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will have a demo starting February 24

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has become one of the most promising titles of the year. Not surprisingly, it is the new soulslike from Team Ninja, the creators of NioHand the betas that have been held so far have received very positive responses from players.

A demo that will allow us to import our progress to the final version

Now, Koei Tecmo has announced that the game will receive a demo on February 24 which will allow us to retest the title a few days after it hits store shelves. As confirmed by the company, we can import our progress in it to the final version And if we complete it, we will receive a special helmet for our character as a gift.

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Action and role in the China of the Three Kingdoms

As we say, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty be a new soulslikealthough this time it is committed to a more frenetic and agile combat system which brings it closer to what we might expect from a hack and slashoffering us a multitude of offensive and defensive maneuvers that we must learn to master in order to survive the encounters that await us. His story will take us to a fantastic version of the China of the Three Kingdoms.where there will be no shortage of Chinese folklore creatures or historical characters.

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its release It is scheduled for March 3 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. In addition, it will be available from the first day in xbox game pass.

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All the impressions of the last months let us see that it will be a very appetizing adventure for those who are looking for a good ARPG that recovers a linear approach, and can even be seen from the perspective of a demanding hackn slash and with a multitude of elements to customize”, we commented in our last impression article with him.