Wo Long only has 31% positive reviews on Steam – what happened to this action RPG on PC?

Wo Long is one of the key releases of the week, and almost of the year too: a souls-like cooperative signed by the authors of Ni-Oh that sells itself, although if you visit its Steam tab, you will find an average of user reviews “mostly negative” having barely passed a day since its release. What has happened there? The reason why the game is being bombarded has nothing to do with its quality, but with its conversion to PC.

Most of the criticism, both in English and (especially) in Chinese, comes from a control system very awkwardly adapted to our platform. “They have implemented the dead zones of the controls on the mouse” laments the user cashews. “If you don’t move the mouse fast enough, the camera won’t react, no matter how sensitive your peripheral is. […] The keymapping is also an absolute joke: dodge/parry bound by default in tab?”

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Others consider that the optimization of the port The PC is too poor, although considering the volume of reviews alone, it seems that the controls are the ones that bring more players to the head. As a guide, from Koei Tecmo they recommend playing on an RTX 2060 and an i7 8700, although you already know that the table of requirements is usually somewhat inflated. While patches and fixes arrive, what you can do is play the demo on Steam, or the full game from Game Pass.

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Although they are not exactly the same build and therefore there may be some differences at a technical level, actually the trial version It’s a good way to get familiar with polishing flaws: in that one, you’ll find things like the game doesn’t instantly recognize the type of controller you have connected (you have to go to options to change the appearance of the buttons for the interface) or that come locked at 60 FPS max, which is a common issue of the genre.

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