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World Dai Star releases trailer, will start on April 9

The World Dai Star anime, which is part of a multimedia project that includes a mobile game and a manga, will begin streaming on April 9. A full trailer and key visual were released.

It was also announced that Nanafuji’s next manga, which begins serialization in KADOKAWA’s Comic Alive Plus, will be titled World Dai Star: Encore!. Meanwhile, a trailer for the project’s mobile game, World Dai Star: Yume no Stellarium, has been released.


The premise of World Dai Star implies that the theater experiences a worldwide boom due to the arrival of artists called Dai Stars. The story will follow 16-year-old Kokona who aspires to be a global Dai star and joins the Sirius Troupe.

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The draft story for the World Dai Star project is penned by manga writer Takahiro (Akame ga Kill), while the original character designs come from Mika Pikazo, VTubers designer Kaguya Luna, and Hakos Baelz.

Yuu Kinome ( Idoly Pride ) is directing the anime with Takahiro Nakanishi ( A Couple of Cuckoos ) serving as series composer and Maziro ( Macross Delta ) serving as character designer. Lerche is the animation producer.

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The rest of the staff includes Ohine Ezaki (Rusted Armors series composer) as scenario writer and theater supervisor, Yopi as supporting character designer, Ryouko Amisaki (Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World character designer) as animation supervisor. action, Hiroko Tanabe (A3!) as art director, and Saki Tada (Toilet-bound Hanako-kun) as color designer. Ryou Takahashi (High Card), Kenichi Kuroda (The World’s Greatest Assassin Reincarnates in Another World as an Aristocrat), and Tetsuya Yano (Co-Composer of The Detective Is Already Dead) are the music composers.

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Meanwhile, the World Dai Star cast includes Manaka Iwami as Kokona, Ikumi Hasegawa as Shizuka, Sally Amaki as Kathrina, Maria Naganawa as Yae, Naomi Oozora as Panda, Sasaki Rico as Chisa, and Nanako Mori as Noa.