World Of Horror, the game inspired by Junji Ito will be out of early access in October

world of horror, the game inspired by junji ito will

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World Of Horror, the game inspired by Junji Ito will be out of early access in October

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The World Of Horror game will be coming out of Early Access on PC and heading to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

world of horror It’s an interesting game, made by a Pole who really likes Junji Ito. The game also known by its Japanese name Kyōfu no Sekai (恐怖の世界), is not only a tribute to the Japanese horror created by the author, but to the old games point & clickmade in a rather experimental format, with a turn-based combat element and a visual style similar to what was seen on PCs in the 80s, since the graphics are made in the style of 1 or 2 bits.

The creator Paweł Koźminski made the graphics for this game using MS Paintso we can identify where such a unique and particular visual style was born from, and although it is obviously not a game for everyone, it is quite a striking indie anomaly what will you know inspire horror in all who give it a chance.

World Of Horror appeared in early access for PC about three years ago, as reported by Eurogamer, and for those who haven’t tried it, I can describe it as if it were the arc of a horror manga set in a Japanese town near the sea, where inexplicable horrors to the human psyche happenand the player will have to take the role of various characters to face them.

Has an element of randomnesswhere the player can choose to be assigned a random characterand each one has strengths and weaknessesin addition to putting it in a different scenario depending on what the game decides, so it makes it an experience that guarantees a lot of replayability.

After these three years, the game will finally come out of Early Access in pcand will go to Playstation 4 already switches Also, it is not yet known if the final version will be different from the one that players were able to try in Early Access, but the game has support for modso we will surely see new horrors emerge as the community comes together to do new things with the game.

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