World of Tanks brings back an epic vehicle in a special event – Esports Extras.

Six years after the vehicle was removed from the game, the iconic Waffenträger auf E 100 returns to World of Tanks!

During the upcoming The Waffenträger: Legacy event, players will once again face the extremely powerful weapon of the Krieger family, play in the Harrier Squad and unlock exclusive rewards. The Waffenträger is one of the most anticipated annual campaigns by tank players. This year the story deepens and introduces a new villain, the engineer’s daughter, Ermelinda. The event will run from September 26th to October 10th.

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Battles are fought in a six-on-one format, and before entering the battle, players must choose between one of the conflicting parties: the Squad of Sighthounds, which goes into battle with extensively modified special vehicles, or the Blitzträger auf E 110, an incredibly powerful tank destroyer crewed by a single player.

The updated event history is more linear and visually understandable. As each new tier is reached, players will receive valuable in-game items such as two unique female crew members with exclusive voice acting, event-specific customizations, bonds, Premium Account time, Engineer and Greyhound starters for Gates (from which players can earn cool premium vehicles and other valuable prizes). And most importantly, after completing the final stage of the event’s progression, players will have an opportunity to rent the legendary German Tier X tank destroyer Waffenträger on E 100 for 5 random battles. More battles can be won in the Engineering Portal by using launchers.

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More information about the event is available on the official website.

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A trailer for the event is available on YouTube.

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