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World of Warcraft Classic Leader Confirms He’s Been Fired From Blizzard


Brian Birmingham, until now director of World of Warcraft Classic, has confirmed that he has been fired by Blizzard. Intending to resEsports Extrasas well to protest against the company’s demanding policy, a thread on the developer’s Twitter has confirmed that Activision Blizzard terminated their employment relationship before he could deliver the letter.


The exact reasons are due to the development quotas that Activision Blizzard King executives impose on employees of all studios that depend on the company. The policy is said to be designed to ensure that individuals who do not meet these quotas receive the necessary feedback to improve their performance.

Birmingham notes that the parent company “pressured us to deliver both expansions early,” before also adding that “it’s deeply unfair to abide by that by depriving the employees who worked on them of their fair share of benefits.”


In the long series of tweets, Birmingham also adds that the “dev quota is toxic” and that it is an Activision Blizzard King policy that is being strictly enforced at Blizzard. He also claims that Blizzard is being “ripped apart by ABK execs.”

With Birmingham already out of the studio, he himself has stated that he will not boycott their games, as “I cannot participate in a policy that allows ABK to steal money from deserving employees.”


All of this stems from a article in bloomberg which brought many of these questionable policies to light. Something that Birmingham has confirmed that, although he did not speak directly to Bloomberg about the article in question, the quotes and information he reveals are accurate.

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