Would you pay 120 euros for a Pokemon t-shirt? The Pokemon collection is now available on APC

Mike Clark

would you pay 120 euros for a pokemon t shirt? the

The Pokemon Company has announced a collaboration with the French clothing brand APCwhich translates into a collection of clothing and accessories inspired by the saga Pokemon. It is now available through the official page of the brand, but we tell you that since they are garments premium The prices may be somewhat far from what we usually pay for clothes.

For example, the t-shirts APC with images of Pikachu or the initial three of the first generation (Charmander, Bulbasur and Squirtle) They cost 120 euros, double if we want the same desEsports Extrasin a long-sleeved sweatshirt version. There are also denim jackets for 320 euros, a cap of the same material for 110 euros and a tote bag for 140 euros.

More jewelry from Pokemon (somewhat more affordable)

In the collection there is also bags, shoes and even jewelry, with gold and silver earrings and bracelets with Pikacku’s face. Curiously, the price of these accessories is not so exorbitant: 95 euros for the earrings and 135 euros for the bracelet. At least they are not jewels as expensive as Pokmon’s recently announced collaboration with Tiffany & Co., in which we find pieces for up to 27,000 euros.

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