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WoW buffs 3 classes today – Shaman by up to 80%

In World of Warcraft there are big changes again. There are strong buffs for three classes that are impressive.

Even though the first season of World of Warcraft Dragonflight has been running for almost 3 months, Blizzard is still not completely satisfied with the balance. Therefore, there are always buffs and nerfs for some classes and specializations to match their comrades in certain situations. This Wednesday (03/01/2023) there are changes again. This time it hits three classes, but all of them can look forward to buffs.

Which classes are affected? Death Knights of the Blood specialization get Blizzard’s “Carefree Pack” once, because their damage is simply increased slightly in all areas. Paladins can also look forward to a little more healing and damage. The real winners, however, are shamans, who get quite drastic buffs, at least in PvE. In one case there is even 80% more damage, even if other abilities are “only” increased by 6%.

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WoW Thex troll shaman asking title 1140x445
Shaman get big buffs!

All buffs from March 1, 2023 in World of Warcraft

death knight

  • blood
    • The damage of all abilities is increased by 3%.


  • Holy
    • Light of Dawn’s healing is increased by 10%.
  • Protection
    • Greater Judgment damage boost on affected target increased to 40% (was 20%).
    • Wrath Hammer deals 30% more damage.
    • Hammer of the Righteous deals 20% more damage.
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  • Elementary
    • Lightning Strike damage is increased by 10%. Does not apply in PvP.
    • Lava Burst damage is increased by 6%. Does not apply in PvP.
    • Earth Shock deals 6% more damage. Does not apply in PvP.
    • Elemental Blast deals 6% more damage. Does not apply in PvP.
    • Icefury deals 80% more damage.
    • Icefury causes Frost Shock to grant an additional 14 Maelstrom (was 8 Maelstrom).
    • Frost Shock damage is increased by 15%.
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When will the changes go live? The improvements go live on March 1st with maintenance in the early hours of the morning. So starting today, if you haven’t already done so, you can start taking advantage of the buffs and show the whole world just how powerful elemental shamans and tank paladins are.


Are you happy about the changes? Or does that only apply to classes that you don’t play anyway?