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WoW Classic: Rogue amusingly shows how crass “afk” most really are

Banned AFK players in WoW Classic Battlegrounds. They have complained about it – but there is overwhelming evidence from everyday life.

There was a lot of hustle and bustle a few days ago in the pre-patch of WoW WotLK Classic. Numerous players were banned for not properly participating in battlegrounds. Although many bans were reversed, Blizzard later explained that defending a tower can result in a penalty if you do so against the will of the group. The outcry was great and not only led to understanding among the players, because many also said:

You know very well that you are actually afk in the tower and doing something else. A clip serves as anecdotal evidence – representative.

What is the problem? There are several mission objectives in World of Warcraft’s Alterac Valley, one of the major battlegrounds that’s good for farming honor and experience points. Although the primary objective is to destroy the enemy NPC boss, there are some secondary objectives, such as capturing and defending towers and bunkers – because these will strengthen the respective boss as long as he is alive.

So while some characters genuinely want to defend those towers, for others they also provide a nifty excuse: you can just stand afk in a tower and then claim you’ve defended.

Rogue shows how “well” players defend: Proving that the defenders are afk is usually very difficult at a distance. The other side can prove this quite easily, for example in the form of the villain Rams. She showed a clip on the WoW Classic subreddit of how she calmly reclaimed an Alliance bunker while a whopping 10 enemy players were “protecting” it.

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Neither defender responds to the recapture, so the bunker reverts to Alliance ownership.

Here’s how the community is reacting: She has a lot of fun with this video and gives it almost 3,000 upvotes. The whole topic is also taken up again humorously in the comments:

  • “People fail to realize that this is normal in Alterac Valley.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if a majority of the bans were absolutely justified.”
  • “When you take a step back, it’s really weird that you’re paying monthly for a game that you then… don’t play.”
  • “Can you actually prove that I was afk? How do you want to be sure that I didn’t stand there motionless for 20 minutes to lull my opponent into safety? Checkmate, Blizzard! I’ll contact my lawyer.”
  • “The villain entered the fight again, he must have been afk too!”

As a stealth class, do you also know such a situation? Did you think the bans were justified?

There is also a lot of criticism for a €80 package for a game that you have owned for a long time.


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