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WoW: Deep Star Polyp – How to get the cool mount and summon Hirukon

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A particularly fancy mount in World of Warcraft is easy to get. We reveal how you unlock the noble jellyfish “Deep Window Polyp” as a flight mount.


Zereth Mortis is full of mysteries, many of which remain unsolved to this day. But some of the more obvious “secrets” are the mounts that are there. Because you can not only produce chic mounts via protogenesis, you can earn a particularly beautiful jellyfish comparatively easily. hirukon It’s about Hirukon’s deep star polyp – but how do you get it?

Who is Hirukon? Hirukon is a rare mob in Zereth Mortis. Where “Rare” is actually an exaggeration, because he spawns about every 30 minutes after defeating him. The problem, however, is that he doesn’t take a beating like other rare enemies. Instead, he sits deep in the water at coordinates 52 / 75 and is unassailable there.

The trick to lure him out of hiding is a special bait, the “Aurelid Bait”. We’ll tell you how to get it hirukon wow .


Farming Aurelid Bait for Hirukon – Here’s how

The first step of the task is very simple and at the same time probably the most time-consuming thing: go fishing.

Everywhere in the pond that Hirukon is under, you can cast your line and catch different fish. The goal of lust is to land a “Strange Slime” that can come with every cast as an additional loot.

However, the chance of getting the “Strange Slime” is around 1/1500, so you should plan plenty of time while you’re fishing – or just casually watching a series on a second monitor. Basically, it also helps to pass the time with other players in the Discord or just go fishing together.

WoW Hirukon hidden wow wowhead world of warcraft warcraft world of warcraft dragonflight wow reddit wow classic
Hirukon is deep under water – not accessible by normal means.

Incidentally, a particularly high level of fishing skill is not required, nor is a special fishing rod.

A nice side effect: In Hirukon’s pond you will regularly fish “Urplacoderm”. These fish are the most efficient way to craft Stone Soup for the raid, making them very useful.

If you’ve ever pulled the “Strange Slime” out of the water, you’ve already mastered the most difficult part of the task – after that it gets much easier.

You now have to collect 3 more items that are spread all over the world of WoW. You can find all 3 in places that have a special meaning for Lady Vashj.


Travel to Zangarmarsh (The Burning Crusade) and swim into Coilfang Cauldron. In front of the instance portals where you leave the water, you should be able to see a special swarm. Fish here to get a Stinky Blobfish – you should be able to do this right after casting the rod for the first time.

Now travel to Nazjatar (Battle for Azeroth) and go to coordinates 73 / 24. There you should be able to see a school of fin fish. Also fish here. But beware! Once you’ve caught the fish, it will “hop” out of your inventory and try to escape. You then have to click on him again in the game world to finally catch him hirukon wow.

For the last item you travel to the Shimmering Expanse in Vash’jir (Cataclysm). At coordinates 35 / 75 you can click on a small, green root to get the Spiral Claw Tentacle. This task is quite tricky because Vash’jir has several levels. You must be on a “balcony” of sorts, on the middle level of the grand palace. There is still a ceiling above you and below you there is not yet the seabed. Since the green root is on a green background, the search may take a while.


Build the Aurelid Lure

If you have the “Strange Slime”, “Smelly Blobfish”, “Finfish” and “Spiral Claw Tentacle” in your inventory, you can travel to Maldraxxus. Fly there to coordinates 58 / 92.

The naga lady stands by a pond and fishes. Once you’ve collected all the items for her, she’ll give you the Aurelid Bait in exchange.

Now travel back to Zereth Mortis and the pool where Hirukon is waiting. Use the Aurelid Bait and you will be able to see a special swarm called “Aurelid Swarm” for 15 minutes. Cast your line and as soon as a fish bites within the school, Hirukon should move out of hiding. This will be announced with an emote throughout the area. So expect other players to come along too.

WoW Deepstar Aurelid Draenei wow wowhead world of warcraft warcraft world of warcraft dragonflight wow reddit wow classic
The mount makes a good impression. Well, so does Pocopoc.

If you were the person who used the Aurelid Bait, then Hirukon drops a 100% Deepstar Polyp mount for you. If you just get in on the kill without using the bait, then there’s only a slim chance you’ll get the mount.

Even though the Deep Star Polyp is a jellyfish, the Deep Star Polyp also serves as a pretty cool flying mount!

By the way: You can pick up the Aurelid Bait once a week from Vashj. You don’t have to fish for the items again. So if you still need loot from Hirukon, or want to give your friends a shot at the mount, pick up the bait regularly to summon Hirukon again.

Can you get this without fishing? Yes, that is possible. You have a chance to get the mount every time Hirukon is killed – even if you don’t own or use the bait. So it’s worth attending a Hirukon kill every day if you don’t already have the mount and just aren’t having any luck with the bait.


Incidentally, this is also interesting for all sword bearers, because Hirukon can drop one of the colored energy swords, which are among the most beautiful weapons that Patch 9.2 has to offer.