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WoW: Legendary player defeats current raid boss solo, survives 40 minutes in enrage timer

wow: legendary player defeats current raid boss solo, survives 40

The legendary paladin “Rextroy” is back and shows what insane achievements are possible in World of Warcraft. He kills a current raid boss – and solo.

Raids in World of Warcraft are still among the most difficult challenges that the . has to offer. Especially the vault of the incarnations was considered unusually difficult at the beginning of the expansion. Many guilds were failing some bosses even on normal difficulty, and even more were struggling on heroic difficulty.


But there is a paladin who simply solos bosses – and after a long silence, Rextroy is back.

Which boss did Rextroy defeat solo? Council of Primalists on Normal Difficulty. This is one of the bosses from the still current raid “Vault of Incarnations”. The peculiarity of this boss is that it consists of four different enemies with multiple mechanics.

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How did Rextroy do that? Few players put in as much effort as Rextroy to push all interactions of different talents and attributes to the extreme in order to be able to survive in a very specific situation. In the case of the Paladin, under special circumstances, the Paladin has just the right toolkit to defeat the Primalist Council.

The most important building block for this is an extremely high speed value. With the right gear, Rextroy has already been able to reach a sustained active 50% here – an enormous value considering that Dragonflight is still at the start of the expansion.


This high Tempo stat allowed him to maximize the potential of many defensive talents. Because many protection talents have a reduction in their cooldown whenever the paladin consumes three “Holy Energy”. In turn, the more Haste the Paladin has, the faster he can build up Holy Energy and then use it up again.

This made it possible for him to ignite the divine shield almost every minute to counter particularly devastating mechanics.

A mistake helped the paladin: But what ultimately secures victory is a small mistake that Blizzard probably made. Of course, it’s impressive that Rextroy can withstand the bosses’ normal abilities pretty much forever – but there’s also the “enrage timer”. After 10 minutes and 30 seconds, the boss fight must actually be over, otherwise the enrage will come, which will kill the raid quite quickly … actually.


After the timer runs out, the council members will start channeling an endless spell that deals area damage to all players every 6 seconds. This damage is described as increasing with each tick of damage – but that’s not exactly the case here.

The damage stays the same throughout, making Enrage combat even easier for Rextroy.


After almost 49 minutes, the council of primalists is finally defeated.

Are paladins too powerful? In recent months there has been a lot of discussion about whether Paladin tanks are currently too powerful. After all, they were also mostly represented in the “Mythic+” groups, which could get by without a healer because they simply did the healing themselves “on the side”.

However, it must also be said that this is a niche application for paladins – and a 50-minute boss fight is not exactly the most efficient thing to do either.


how do you see it? Aren’t paladins or the bosses well balanced? Or is it simply impressive what some people can get out of their class?